10 ways of using essential oil to calm your baby

Not only proved to be good for adults, essential oil can be a good treat for your babies. Due to its purity and freshness, babies, from the newborn to toddlers, will get healthier and more relaxing if you know how to apply essential oil to daily care. Therefore, let’s take a look at 10 creative and save ways to calm and love your children with essential oils.

1. Use at bedtime

All babies love sleeping! As a mother or father, you will always have to guarantee your children’s sleep. Essential oils are famous for relieving stress and giving the users a good night sleep. Chamomile and lavender oils are suggested, then mixing just one drop of any with your everyday carrier oil.


Make your baby’s bedtime the best every night (source: internet)

2. Ease diaper change

Diaper change can get a little rough and result in diaper rash. If you can change your baby’s diaper often, which is one way of preventing the rash, use the combination of Chamomile and lavender oils (1 drop each), and put it in a bottle full of warm water. After that, apply the mixed water to your baby’s skin by soft towel or cloth. Notice that rubbing and pressing can create irritation, thus be as gentle as you can.

3. Baby is crying!

Baby cries for food, dirty diaper and toys. However, they sometimes just cry for perhaps nothing. In this case, you can solve the issue by put a droplet of essential oil (Chamomile is recommended) on a soft tissue and let your baby tenderly smell it. Of course, do not stick it to your baby’s nose, or he or she will cry harder.

4. Teething

Baby changes teeth at their age, and the process surely hurts. Just easily put a lavender oil drop in a tablespoon filled with carrier oil. Then, massage your baby facial area under the eyes, and the jaw one as well.

5. My ears hurt!

Once in a while, your children’s ears may get aches. The solution is that you simply put a drop of essential oil on a soft cotton ball, then sit it in the outer side of the ear. Never put it in the canal! If the pain does not leave, go see the pediatrician for safety.

6. Feeling down

Infants and toddlers can feel down at times in lives with no specific reason. Don’t be panic, and use 1 or 2 droplets of lemon oils and begin massaging the child’s chest, neck, back, arms and legs, except the face. A good massage can return the babies healthy and elated moods.


Some drops of essential oils can make babies happy. (source: internet)

7. Get wounded

Babies are excited and naughty at all times. Hence, they may get hurt and wounded while playing and running around. Get 5 drops of lavender oil and 5 from melaleuca oil and put it in warm water. Then, use a soft cloth to ease the harmed area. You can even put a drop of lavender oil on band aide and cover the wounds. Kids love it!

8. Whole body discomfort

After a long day playing, your kids may get tired physically. Add 2-4 drops of lemon oil in the bath and let your children soak in it. Warm water plus essential oils equal relaxation!

9. Hot weather

Sometimes weather may turn too hot, and youngster cannot stand it too long. Mix your carrier oil with couple drops of peppermint or lavender oils and apply it on the back of their neck for massage.


Essential oils help cure the heat of weather. (source: internet)

10. Sun burn

Playing outside in a pretty sunny day may give your child some sun burns. Just use aloe vera (100% fresh) mixed with 5 drops of lavender oil, then gently apply it on the burnt areas.

Fresh and natural essential oils are good for anyone, even your babies. Hope these 10 tips will help you and your child have healthy and stress-free lifestyles.

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