100 tiny tweaks to transform your life for the better (Part 1)

Tiny tweaks lead to big changes. You can achieve your goals, your dreams with just a series of simple changes. Here are 100 that work.

1. Wipe away your doorknobs

Some frequently-touched objects like doorknobs need cleaning often. According to researchers from the University of Arizona, using disinfectant to wipe on these objects can reduce up to 90 percent of cold-and-flu viruses.

2. Meditate in the morning

Tiffany Cruikshank, the founder of Yoga Medicine, once said: ‘I start my day with a simple meditation practice; it sets the tone for my day and clears my head to prepare for what’s ahead.’

3. Eat sardines twice a week

They should be an essential part of your meal because they contain a great amount of protein and omega-3s.

Eat sardines twice a week

Eat sardines twice a week (source: internet)

4. Make your own salad dressing

Forget about unhealthy bottled stuff; you only need a handful of ingredients to bring out the best in your green.

5. Cook with blood-pressure-lowering herbs

You can add some herbs like ashwagandha, black cohosh, calendula, catnip or chasteberry to your recipes to lower blood pressures.

6. Get your sugar smart

Eat an appropriate amount of sugar every day, not too little or too much, to avoid needless diseases.

Get your sugar smart

Get your sugar smart (source: internet)

7. Do a sun salutation each morning

SunkanyaMahajan, a retired city clerk from Chicago, runs through the postures 6 times for 10 minutes. Starting your day with some stretching may improve a lot your flexibility.

8. Ease anxiety with a Tibetan sky-gazing meditation

Look out the window or look upward, release and relax your whole body and let your gaze into the sky, says Dean Sluyter, author of Natural Meditation: A Guide To Effortless Meditative Practice. Sit for a few minutes and you can relax to your best.

9. Play calming music

You can play calming music when you go to the sea, start breathing slower and move slower to enjoy your life at an unhurried pace.

10. Plan a trip

The more you travel, the more you learn about life. In addition, planning stage can also bring you such a happiness.

11. Put down your smartphone

One of the most important key to happiness, don’t let yourself depend on the materials around you. You don’t need someone to ‘like’ you on Facebook or give you unwanted advice. Researches show that the more you use smartphone, the more anxious and stressed you are. Free yourself from technology!

Free yourself from technology

Free yourself from technology! (source: internet)

12. Boost your memory while you go to grocery shop

Instead of a usual list, try to improve your memory by inventing a hilarious story that includes all items you need to buy.

13. Breathe deeply

Sit in one place, breathe naturally and slowly, settle your attention. In each inhale and exhale, repeat the words ‘in’ and ‘out.’ You should do this when you’re anxious and desperate for fast focus and calm.

14. Don’t check your email when you wake up

Don’t be pressured by work and constantly check your email after waking up. Don’t turn on TV or radio too – all you need is to just sit silently and have a cup of coffee or tea and allow your mind to be somewhere. This is an unhurried way to start a new day.

15. Try frozen brown rice

Brown rice is rich in fiber; frozen brown can be ready in minutes in a microwave. It can provide you lots of energy.

16. Focus on your mentors

One good way to happiness is gratitude. There is an ancient Tibetan technique which can help you focus on your mentors. Sit quietly, close your eyes and think of that one. Visualize that person behind and slightly above you. His or her love is in form of golden light. There is someone in front of you whom you want to share the light with. Let the light pour down through you and bathe the person in front of you.

17. Start foam rolling

Business owner Carolina Caywood does a trigger-point massage with a foam roller on her legs and feet every morning to ease pain and improve flexibility.

18. Let’s get creative with our yogurt

Not only is it the fastest clean breakfast, but it makes a quick creamy compliment .Being creative often brings happiness to you.

19. Add rotisserie birds to your recipes

It’s fast and healthy. Your home-roasting chicken means no water, sodium or artificial flavors. Cool!

20. Try a loving-kindness meditation

Sit quietly, breathe naturally and repeat the phrase: ‘May I be happy, may I be peaceful,’ says Salzberg. Repeat that phrase for everything after you do for yourself: ‘May all things be happy, may all things be peaceful.’

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak (source: internet)

21. Use a netti pot

Netti pot can rinse your sinuses, heal nasal congestion and stave off nasty bacteria and germs.

22. Brew a cup of afternoon tea

This can provide you pick-me-up energy to continue to work at the end of the day.

23. Add eggs to your dinner

You can make an easy nutritious dinner with eggs faster than other protein in the fridge like beef or chicken. With eggs, you also have various ways to make up your own dish.

24. Scrub your scalp in ablutions

Using your fingertips to scrub steadily along the center of your scalp for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse while shampooing helps to improve circulation to the follicles.

25. “Deal” with a difficult person

Visualize clearly the person you have difficulty with. Now, imagine he or she gets stuck in a shell.  All the behavior, actions or characters you can’t stand about him or her are just this person finds a way to break that shell. Next, visualize some ways you can help that person to peck away the shell so he or she can become a perfect, enlightened self. Next time, if you encounter that person, try building a relationship with him or her in a new context in a more generous way.

26. Press a spot on your face to relax

Facial blood circulation can be improved and tension can be relieved by 30-second pressing lightly the base of each cheekbone.

27. Use quick-cooking oats

They’re still whole grains. They’ve just been pressed slimmer than tradition oats for faster cooking.

28. Remember what you want

Steve Jobs once said that we should follow our heart and intuition. We are living in a stressful world and the hustle and bustle of city life distracts us from taking time to listen to what our body, mind and soul are telling us. You can try this: Sit in one place, close your eyes and repeat mentally the words ‘I am’ for 5 minutes. Next, repeat ‘What do I want in life?’ for 2 to 4 times and do not need an answer for it, let your mind settle down and wait for what bubbles up.

29. Dry brush your whole body

You can do this before taking a shower for improved circulation and glowing skin. Start at the top of your feet to the upper body and skip highly sensitive skin on your neck, décolletage and face.

30. Drink coffee

Women who drink at least four cups of coffee a day may have a 20 percent less likelihood of depression, a 65 percent lower risk of senile dementia and a 21 percent less of developing tinnitus.

Drink coffee

Drink coffee first, think later (source: internet)

31. And make this kind of coffee

According to the author of The Bulletproof Diet – Dave Asprey, mold-free coffee with butter and coconut oil brings you clean energy and a lack of cravings for around 6 hours.

32. Shiver for more burn

Exercising between 620 and 650 generates brown fat, a metabolically active type of fat that increases calorie burn and helps to regulate insulin, says George King, chief scientific officer at Joslin Diabetes Center.

33. Turn down the music

I know how great the feeling of rocking with the music at a high volume is. But studies show frequent exposure to above-100-decibel sounds can damage your hearing ability.

34. Add frozen veggies to your meal

Frozen veggies can save you a lot of time. They can be healthier and more nutritious than the fresh that sits out too long.

35. Use probiotics every day

People who frequently supplement with probiotics are reported to have fewer cold symptoms and quicker recovery.

36. Cook your kale

Cook your kale and drain the water will remove a factor contributing to kidney stones – oxalic acid.

37. Visit the bathroom, even if it means being a few minutes late for work

You know ‘it’s time,’ but you don’t want to be late for your school or work. If you resist it, your poop becomes harder and may cause pain, says Alex Ky, associate professor of surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital.

38. Replace a cookie with a squat

In the afternoon, for example, instead of grabbing a sweet or drinking a cup of coffee, you should do a quick 10-minute workout daily. This kind of exercising has changed her life so much, according to Sadie Lincoln, a wellness expert and founder of barre3 fitness.

39. Change from a bad posture to a good one

Siting straight is the easiest and fastest tweak. Your energizing hormones and serotonin increase and, therefore, your stress hormone cortisol depletes sharply, says spinal surgeon Kenneth Hansraj.

40. Have a look at your pee

You have to drink more water if it’s not pale yellow. Mild dehydration drains energy and lowers concentration among otherwise healthy women, according to researchers at the University of Connecticut.

41. Jump in place 10 times

Women, from 25 to 50, who jumped 10 times twice daily upped their hip-bone density after 16 weeks, according to a Brigham Young University.

42. Pretend to be happy and generous though you’re in a hard situation

Instead of shouting or grumbling, just a fake smile can lower heart rate after you’re in a disastrous event, according to a study from the University of Kansas.

43. Daydream of superfoods

People who mind sensible food instead of junk food had a less likelihood of spikes in ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

44. Relieve a headache in 30 seconds

Search for tender spots on your forehead and scalp and rub them with the pad of your thump and knuckles. This helps to ease your headache quickly, says, Maureen Moon, past president of the American Massage Therapy Association.


Relieve a headache in 30 seconds (source: internet)

45. Resist the urge to stifle a big afternoon yawn

You should not resist any afternoon yawn. Yawn helps to improve alertness and performance, according to research from University of Vienna in Austria.

46. Indulge in a mini marathon of hilarious animal videos

Laughing lowers stress and blood pressure and gives sparkle to your frame of mind.

47. 30-second yoga move for an afternoon slump

Press into all four corners of each sole of your feet to stand and ground. While keeping back straight, bend your knees and fold forward from hips. After hanging for 10 to 30 deep breaths, slowly rise back up. This stretches yourself tight and improves blood flow to your brain, says ElissaLappostato, a yoga instructor.

48. Fill up your tank after dark

The sun facilitates gasoline evaporation, which contributes to the damage of ozone and is harmful to your health and environment.

49. Take off your shoes at your front door

This keeps all kinds of grossness and germs out of your home.

50. Brush your tongue

Tongue houses lots of bacteria and may cause cavities and gingivitis.

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