5 Stunning Boxes Recommended for Storing Essential Oils

As a frequent essential oil user, you may once or twice wonder how to save and reserve your essential oils. Some like to put it on counters, in bathroom shelves, or even in the kitchen’s cupboard. Finding a box to contain your oils is easy and convenient, thus they will be protected from sunlight and UV. Let’s take a look at 5 box samples for storing essential oils.

1. Soligt Wooden Essential Oil Keeper Box

This box can hold bottles that are from 5 to 15 mL, and there are 25 slots available. Significantly, Soligt box has a mental clasp on the front in order to tightly close the lid. Spongy linings are put inside each slot to completely protect the oil bottles from harm. You can take this box comfortably anywhere and anytime, from travelling to camping. And, the box is totally handmade of natural materials, so it is, of course, friendly to environment.

Soligt Wooden Essential Oil Box

Soligt Wooden Essential Oil Box (source: internet)

2. Soligt Large Wooden Essential Oil Box

The same function as number 1, but bigger! This box can hold up to 72 essential oils. However, it has also 8 special slots for roller bottles, so the total number is 80. Differentiating from the last box, this large one is made of pine wood and has a snap buckle front closure to keep your oil bottles safe.

3. Aroma Outfitters Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

Aroma Outfitters brand is becoming more and more popular each day for its magnificent products. This storage box can contain 58 essential oil bottles from 5 to 15 mL, and also has 12 more available slots for roller bottles. It is also made of pine wood, so you can be 100% certain the fragrance is safe from outsiders. Also, a carrying bag is recommended for more convenient transportation.

Aroma Outfitters Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box

Aroma Outfitters Wooden Essential Oil Storage Box (source: Aroma Outfitters)

4. Aroma Designs Wooden Essential Oil Box Multi-Tray Organizer

You want to store as many oil bottles as possible but worrying the box may get too big? Keep calm and get a multi-tray! With a total of 59 slots, this box has 3 trays: 14 on the top “floor” holding 10mL bottles, 45 in the middle tray holding 5 to 15 mL ones, and 14 on the bottom. Beside the box itself, latch and handle are made of brass. This can also be a decent gift for your fellow essential oil users or aromatherapists.

aroma design

Aroma Designs Wooden Essential Oil Box (source: internet)

5. LAXUS Carrying Case for Essential Oils

When boxes are not enough, you will need cases! This professional-looked case has a handle and 2 zippers. The case can hold 48 bottles. Inside, there are 2 layers made of EVA (ethylene vinyl alcohol). Those foams are durable so that the bottles do not collide with one another and stand right straight up. Outside, the case looks fabulous with shiny black color for special outing events or just keeping your “babies” safe at home.

box oil

LAXUS Carrying Case for Essential Oils (source: internet)

With this 5 box samples, you can now feel confident enough to protect your precious oils and lengthen their age. Dont’t forget follow us to see useful tips for your life!

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