7 useful tips to use essential oils efficiently and economically

Being fully aware of using essential oils economically and efficiently is somewhat important to all users, even if newbies or veterans. Let us introduce to you 7 tips & tricks of using essential oils smartly for a chemical-free sort of life!

1. Oils can be accessories

You can wear your own essential oils, literally! Such oils are extracted from woods and herbs, so their scent can remain on surfaces like skins or clothes, and accessories are not excluded. Put one or two drops on your wooden bracelet or necklace, and if you are not fancy at woods, leathers are the best alternatives.

oil bracelet

Oils can be accessories!
(source: internet)

2. A tool keeping the bugs away

Though butterflies are in love with flowers, not all bugs and insects really have close bond with nature, such as mosquitoes never get too close to lavender. Therefore, wisely use your essential oil as a defender. Put it in a diffuser or blend it with incense so that the widespread smoke can prevent bugs from approaching your room.

3. Freshen your bathroom

Bathroom can be smelly if not carefully cleaned, but even when you are a good house keeper, the toilet can still remain that unwanted smell. Have a bottle of essential oil in your bathroom, or directly put some droplets on the windows, or even mirrors, so it can refresh the atmosphere within the room and give you comfort every time you have a “rush”.

toilel paper drip

Have a cleaner and more sweet-smelling bathroom (source: internet)

4. Make child’s play great again

Essential oils are soft, comfortable and chemical-free. Therefore, it is beneficial to kids, too. Drip some in your children’s toys in order to increase their amusement, as well as upgrade their health will all the advantages within tiny drops of essential oil.

5. Boost the house’s mood

Providing you want a quick update of your house’s atmosphere but so lazy to take out the dusts? Put some drops of essential oil on the fan’s wings or air filter. As an air refresher, those devices will obviously spread the fresh air widely in your house. This can be convenient when you’re about to serve your guests or have someone visit.

6. A new version of tissues

Tissues are usually scentless, due to the use of cleaning face or saving your nose when it’s runny. However, a little scent will make you more relaxed and rocket your health. Put some essential oil in your tissue bag or box. From now on, your tissues are as likely as any fragrant tissues in any store, but healthier!


Genius way to self-make fragrant tissues (source: internet)

7. Reuse the empty oil bottles

When you have used all of the essential oils, do not throw away the bottles! There is still trace oils inside them, so use them wisely. Put some water in or put it in your bathtub, or take the very last bits of them by combining them with salt. Salt is famous for absorbing liquids and turning into bath salt. This can be an easier way of handmade bath salt and softener.

oil bottle

When you have used all of the essential oils, do not throw away the bottles! (source: internet)

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