75 tricks to stay healthy in college (Part 1)

In addition to the study and social activities, students should spend time on taking care of health in order to keep better track of their life. Here are a number of tips to assist you to overcome illness and be in an able-bodied state all the time through their education.


Diet plays a crucial role in deciding health condition.  Here are some tips to have healthy and nutritious meals:


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1. Control the size of food portion

Eating with the suitable quantity, even the healthiest kind of food is always beneficial to you. For example, as for meat dollop, it should be the size of the deck of cards.

2. Vary your meals

Trying to vary your meals is a good way to provide a wide range of nutritions with your body. Hence, don’t be hesitant to try to make your own menu of food new everyday.

3. Eat breakfast

It is reported that breakfast is the most vital meal in a day. Therefore, never forget to charge your energy for a new day with a delicious breakfast.

4. Be healthy with snacks around

Keep your delicious snacks at bay and put fruits nearby you all the time instead. It’s an ideal way to make you remain healthy.

5. Drink moderately

There must be a number of parties for students to join during schooldays. Therefore, keep your drinking intake in moderation so your health would not be affected.

6. Don’t make eating as the treatment of stress

When being under pressure, a large number of people will find food to release their stress. Actually, it just satisfies your mouth in a short time, then leaves you a bad consequence of health later. Instead, try to work out or find somewhere tranquil to relax maybe a good idea.

7. Drink water

Water helps our body dispose of toxin and keep our concentration better. Moreover, you won’t be afraid of overeating if you absorb water frequently.

8. Limit sugary and caffeinated beverages

Soft beverages are the favorite drinks of the majority of people. While it satisfies your taste, it is actually increasing the number of your weight. Hence, just enjoy them in a limited amount.

9. Try to eat fruits and veggies

If you are not a fan of fruits or vegetables, try to mix them in some way to keep your body have enough nutrition.

10. Limit junk food

Snacks are consumed by a large number of students on account of its wonderful delicious taste. However, you should limit it if you don’t want your health hurted.

11. Make it convenient to eat right

Let your healthy food always available around you in case of that you feel perkish. Keep food in fridge so that it’s still fresh and nutritious.

12. Never skip meals

There comes a time that you are in a hurry, then you skip the meal to run to school. To deal with this, set up your meals available in case of hurry to make sure that your body never exhausts energy.

13. Satiate every once in awhile

You maybe some favorite food that just can satisfy your taste but your health. However, it’s acceptable for you to treat yourself well now and then.

14. Take vitamins

One treatment to your laziness of getting nutrition from your dietary is taking vitamin supplements to provide enough nourishment to your body.

15. Get help from nutrition consultants

If you have a problem with eating disorder, make an appointment with a nutrition consultant, then get some advice to better your health.


Finding a place in your busy schedule for exercise may be almost impossible for you. Hence, here are some tips for you to deal with this.


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16. Stretch first

Stretch before and after workout can help you avoid injuries and be enduring.

17. Ride your bike

Cycling to school is an effective way not only to exercise but also save time.

18. Play a sport

Taking part in at least one sport team in your school or house block will help you always be active and healthy to get ready for your study.

19. Use safety equipment

Choose the suitable equipment for your favorite sport in the event of avoiding injuries.

20. Head to the gym

Most schools supply students with a variety of facilities for them to improve their physical strength so don’t hesitate to head to the gym between class or go to school early to workout at your best.

21. Take advantage of fitness courses

Take a course at fitness class to be instructed and do workout in a correct way.

22. Walk to class

Instead of taking a bus or riding to school, walking is a beneficial way to exercise and reduce the traffic jam.

23. Combine different kinds of exercise in your routine

Be flexible by combining different types of workout such as cardio, stretching, strength training to help your body be all-around and in shape.

24. Bring a friend

With someone else relying on you showing up, you’ll be much more likely to make the effort to work out. Plus, working out with a friend can be a great way to make working out more fun. Getting your friend accompanied by you every your workout will help you motivated and enthusiastic to exercise.


A crucial part in keeping you stay healthy is getting enough sleep. Here are some tips for you to check out whether you have enough rest or not.

25. Take a nap

Taking a nap is a beneficial way to recharge your energy for the rest of the day. The best amount of time to take it is from 20-30 minutes and avoid being on sleep after 5 p.m.

26. Don’t work in bed

Design your workplace to be separate from your bedroom in order not to make thoughts of work annoy you during sleep.


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27. Get a full night’s rest whenever possible

Getting a full night of sleep will help your body have full-charged energy.

28. Stick to the routine

Don’t your routine of sleep, which forms a habit of going to bed on time so you fall into sleep easily.

29. Understand that lack of sleep can have a big impact

Be aware of the bad impact of lacking sleep so that you won’t miss any hour of sleep.

30. Compromise bedtimes with roommates

Cooperate with your roommates so that your wake-up time serves you right.

31. Avoid all night owls

Before the exam, you may bury yourself in your book and forget the bedtime. However, this can impair your capacity of doing the exam. Hence, try to spend a little time sleeping to be lucid on the next day for exam.

32. Create a bedtime routine

Create a schedule of daily activities so that your biological clock gets used to what time to go to bed, then you will have a sound sleep.

33. Avoid caffeine, eating and drinking right before bed

Consuming caffeine, alcohol or having meals before bed can hurt your body clock. Thus, try to limit these activities to have a good sleep.

34. Keep your room dark and quiet

A quiet and dark room will make you fall into sleep more easily and help your body to relax more comfortably.

Sexual Health

Follow some tips below to get your sex stay healthy.


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35. Get tested

Get tested for STDs once or twice each year to defend your sexual health. These tests are often offered for free or at a low cost so all students can afford them.

36. Always use protection

If you are in a monogamous, short-term relationship with a partner who has been affirmed STD-free, always use protection to avoid the chances of contracting a disease.

37. Discuss issues with your partner

To have a healthy sex, confide in your partner your problems in order not to make your sex become scary and painful.

38. Get regular exams

No matter what gender you are, it is a must to check out your equipment frequently. Breast exams and pap smears should be taken by women as they can hugely impair their chances of cancer.

39. Take advantage of vaccinations

Nowadays, the HPV vaccination is offered at most schools. Female students should make use of these to decrease their risk of the HPV virus which is the main cause to almost all cervical cancers.

40. Attend informational classes

Get yourself and educated and learn to stay cheerful and healthy by means of taking education-sexual courses.

41. Find someone to talk to

In order not to be confused about your sexuality, find someone trustful to confide in so as to come up with solution to deal with your problems.

42. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with

If you are in no mood for sexual activities and under pressure. Never do anything that you don’t feel like.

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