75 tricks to stay healthy in college (Part 2)

In Part 1, we knew 42 tips to assist you to overcome illness and be in an able-bodied state all the time through their education in college. Here all last tips of this post.


Living in a community of college students, most of students have to share room with others. It’s the reason why some illness get spread easily. Here are some solutions for you:

43. Wash your hands

According to some studies, washing hands is a simple to hinder yourself from bacteria. Especially, do this anytime you tend to touch your nose, eyes and mouth in case you are around sick people.


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44. Avoid sharing beverages.

Sharing beverages is an easy way to spread germs. Thus, avoid this action to protect yourself from disease.

45. Don’t go to class

If you are under weather, make a call or email your teachers to get him/her informed so that you won’t make you feel worse and spread virus to other students.

46. Get to the doctor

Prevention is better than cure. Go to see the doctors if any symptom of disease appears.

47. Drink lots of fluids

Supplement a plenty of water or energy drinks as you’re sick.

48. Get a flu shot

Nowadays, getting a flu shot to avoid flu is popular in most schools. Thus, the price for a shot is remarkably reduced so it can suit every pocket.

49. Wear flip flops in the shower

Prevent yourself from getting viruses from the bathrooms of your dormitory as a result of a number of students’ sharing them.

50. Keep immunizations up to date

To avoid contracting a serious sickness, get some shots to be updated at your college.


Students can get depressed with a lot of things going on. These tips can help you beat the stress.


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51. Put limits on work hours

In addition to work hours, you should put aside some time to relax and sleep so you won’t be under weather.

52. Be realistic

Now and then, you should realise your limit so that it won’t cost you much time and effort to do everything you never can complete in a day. Just focus on the most important things and what you are in favour of first.

53. Get help

If you’re stuffed by a huge number of tasks, let your friends and professors help you. They can give you more time and study more effectively.

54. Take advantage of campus meditation and yoga programs

Meditation and yoga are famous for releasing our stress. Then, don’t hesitate to take a course of them.

55. Relax with hobbies

Follow your hobbies to release stress and motivate yourself next days.

56. Spend time with friends

Hanging out or doing favorite activities with friends is a good idea to let your stress out.

57. Don’t let yourself get run down

It’s obvious that everybody has to experience ups and downs in life so don’t get depressed so much, then move on and try more.

58. Learn time management skills

Time management skills are good ways to get your work and study scheduled and done effectively.

Mental Health

College students are in a high risk group for depression, so make sure you keep yourself happy and healthy with these simple tips.


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59. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Dealing with assignments and a wide range of things in your life can get you depressed easily. Thus, don’t hesitate to ask for someone’s help to find out solutions for yourself.

60. Keep in touch with family and friends

Family and friends are the beloved for you to rely on whenever you feel homesick and lonely.

61.Build new friendships

Beat the distance and loneliness by setting up new friends and meeting new people. However, remember this process will take time so don’t get disappointed if you don’t adapt it quickly.

62. Expect things to change

You may have to adapt a new environment when you enter college. Expect things to change so that you’ll grow and be mature.

63. Build on your confidence

Every mistake you make is an opportunity for you to improve yourself. Hence, don’t get frustrated and be confident on the way to achieve your goals.

64. Find strength in numbers

It’s easier for you to get move forward when you are in a group of people who can share interests and values with you.

65. Volunteer

Sometimes happiness is created from seeing others’ happiness. Volunteer is an ideal way to do it.

66. Get involved on campus

Keep yourself from loneliness  by making new friends through the participation in clubs and social groups.

67. Set goals

You’ll be oriented and motivated if you set your goals to achieve.


Other useful tips for you:

68. Avoid walking to class in flip flops

It is unbeneficial for you to go to school with flip flops in case you have to travel a long distance.

69. Keep backpacks from being too heavy

Heavy backpacks can lead to back injuries and back problems.

70. Quit smoking

Being in an educational environment, you shouldn’t smoke to protect your health as well as avoid annoying people around you.


Source: internet

71. Don’t drink and drive

There are a number of accidents happening around the world as a result of driving in the drunken state. Instead, call a taxi or your friends to ride you home.

72. Make sure you have emergency contacts

Make sure that you can keep in touch with your family and trustful friends in the event of emergency.

73. Wear sunscreen

Protecting your eyes is one of the most mission you should take. Wear sunscreen to prevent UV rays from doing harm to your eyes.

74. Monitor existing health conditions carefully

Get your health checked usually to make sure that your study won’t be interrupted by any illness.

75. Be aware that health concerns differ for men and women

Understand the sexual aspects between males and females so that you can know what is good to you.

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