8 kinds of the Healthiest Fruits That Are Available anytime of the year

It is vital that vitamins be provided for your body throughout the year. Fortunately, the nature’s mother has endowed us with a variety of fruits that can flourish anytime of the year  in order to meet our demand. Here are 8 types of healthiest ones for you.

1. Tomatoes

A research published in the Annual Review of Food Science and Technology showed that tomatoes are not only rich in lycopene, a kind of carotenoid that has been linked to decrease the chances of certain types of cancers and heart disease but they also contain the nutrient lutein, a carotenoid that plays a crucial role in brain function, and can strengthen cognitive health and memory.


Tomatoes (Source: internet)

2. Apples

One study from the German Cancer Research Center showed that those who eat at least one apple per day have a lower risk of kidney, breast, ovarian, colon, and other forms of cancer compared to those who eat apples less often. Thanks to cold storage such as fridges, apples can be available during the year.  Enjoying the whole apple, mixing them into your morning oats or dressing them up by topping them with almond, cinnamon and butter are all perfect ideas.


Apples (Source: internet)

3. Frozen Raspberries

Raspberries contain a high amount of antioxidants. Moreover, according to a review to 2016 Advances in Nutrition, eating raspberries reduces inflammation as well as the risk of heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, metabolic dysfunction and type 2 diabetes. Especially, thanks to your freezer, they can be eaten no matter the season which only lasts from June to to August. Frozen raspberries practically have better levels of antioxidant enzymes than non-frozen ones, according to a research from the University of Chester.

Frozen Raspberries

Frozen Raspberries (Source: internet)

4. Oranges

Oranges have a reputation for being rich in vitamin C. They are the core element in any immunity-enhancing diet. It is reported that vitamin C is indispensable to both your body’s tissue health and your immune system’s ability to fight and preclude infections. Though orange juice can fasten your insulin levels and blood sugar, the entire oranges are bursting with fiber that they are even listed as one of the best foods for people with diabetes according to the American Diabetes Association.


Oranges (Source: internet)

5. Bananas

Bananas has a good reputation for being a healthy food. Not only does it charge energy for workout performance but also it provides essential supplements for body including potassium, vitamin B6   and health-boosting fiber. There are many dishes which can go with bananas such as eating it with some peanut and blending it to make smoothie.


Bananas (Source: internet)

6. Dried Apricots

Apricots are famous for the richness of vitamin A that can promotes vision, immune function, and reproductive health as well as fiber and potassium. Apricots may not live up to your expectation (fresh and full of nutrition) as they are in a short season. However, this can be handled if they go dried.  According to a Research in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the antioxidants contained in dried fruits are remarkably greater than those found in their hydrated counterparts. Enjoying or mixing them with your trail mix, cereal before your workout is a good idea.

Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots (Source: internet)

7. Lemons

Lemon is an essential flavour that is a must in every kitchen. It is a source of supporting fat loss. Adding a few slices of lemons to your drinking water can boost the ability of digestive absorption and toxic elimination. What’s more, they also contain the electrolytes that your body needs mid- and-post workout.


Lemons (Source: internet)

8. Avocados

There are more than 20 minerals and vitamins in avocados involving fiber potassium, and vitamin C, together with a healthy dose of unsaturated fatty acids. Moreover, it is reported that avocado assumption stimulates weight management, heart health and healthy aging.


Avocados (Source: internet)

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