Aromatherapy Hacks for Apprentices

When it comes to the storage of essential oils, it’s a good way to blend them with carrier oils at very low dilution. In terms of pure, undiluted essential oils, dropper tops shouldn’t be used to store them as the rubber will turn to mush and ruin the oil. On the contrary, use a bottle with a plastic orifice reducer (euro dropper) insert inside the bottle as the material can withstand essential oils.


13 Best Essential Oils And 5 Recipes for Energy Boost (source: internet)

A number of these suggestions are mentioned throughout AromaWeb, but they are also included below as a quick-reference:

DON’T: It is a fallacy to think that perfume oils are the same thing as essential oils. What is more, it is a fact that perfume oils do not offer the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

perfume oil

Perfume oil (source: internet)

DO: It is a must that you learn well about Aromatherapy. Let’s go toAromaWeb to look for safety tips and informationto help you on your way and visit the Book Shelf for book descriptions on over 12 trendy aromatherapy books.

DO:  The essential oils come from a wide range of companies so be aware of the origin of your essential oils. In addition, some companies may offer a fallacy that their oils are undiluted or pure when they aren’t.


Essential oils (source: internet)

DO: Determine the difference among apples when shopping for oils. Anise, Lavender, Bay, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus are examples of the common names of plants used to create essential oils. There, however, are varieties of each of these plants. To differentiate these varieties, the botanical name (also referred to as the Latin name) is used to tell them apart. For instance, two different oils are referred to as “Bay essential oil,” yet they derive from two different plants. The properties and aroma of each oil do differ as does the general cost between the two. It, therefore, is important to pay attention to the botanical name. In the case of Bay, the familiar botaniclables for the two oils utilized in this instance areLaurus nobilis and Pimenta racemosa.

narural oil

Essential Oils for Natural Health (source: internet)

DO: It is also essential to note the country of origin for the oil. Most good essential oil sellers will readily supply the botanical names and country of origin for the oils that they sell. On comparing one company’s oils with another’s, also notice whether either company’s oils are organic, wild-crafted or ethically farmed.

DON’T: Oils shouldn’t be bought from vendors at street fairs, craft shows, or other limited-time events. Some vendors know beginners have no recourse against them later. It is not said that there are not highly distinguished sellers at such events, but this is a caution for beginners who are not able to reliably judge quality.

essential oil bottles

The therapeutic use of essential oils (source: internet)

DO: Making a purchase oils from prestigious mail-order companies may lead to obtaining higher quality oils at less expense than purchasing oils from a generic local health food establishment. Again, there is a wide variance in the quality of oils from company to company and store to store. Albeit AromaWeb’s not making an endorsement of any establishment, the Global Aromatherapy Business Directorylists a myriad of companies that sell essential oils and aromatherapy products.

DO:  The storage of our oils should be in dark glass (amber or cobalt blue) and in a cool, dark place. I have two wooden hinged boxes that I store some of my oils in. Unfinished wooden boxes may be purchased at craft stores. These boxes permit me to move my oils from different areas of the house easily. Wooden floppy disk holders can also function this purpose well.

DO: Take all safety information on all essential oils that you use into account. This is even more vital you have any medical condition or are pregnant.

DO: To sum up, get enjoyable time with aromatherapy into your daily life!

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