5 Best Woody Essential Oils that You Should Know

Nowadays, essential oil, especially wood essential oil, is being widely known as a good method for a healthy life. There are many kinds of them but in this post, we will show you about top 5 popular essential oil made from wood.

1. Turpentine Essential Oil

The first in top 5 is turpentine. This kind of wood is not expensive but the benefits and effectiveness that it brings to us are outstanding. Turpentine essential oil is known as not only a medicine but also a paint thinner or solvent, which is distilled from the resin of a pine tree.

Woody Essential Oil

Turpentine Essential Oil is good for your health. (Source: Internet)

The resin has a yellow color and it runs very naturally from a tree with an agreeable smell. We can use it to apply to the skin for releasing the pain, such as muscle pain, nerve pain or joint pain and toothaches.

2. Agarwood Essential Oil

Agarwood is very popular and it is also known as Aloeswood oil or Oud oil, but people just know it by a common name is Agarwood oil depending on the location. This kind of essential oil formed in trees of the evergreen Aquilaria and Gyrinops tree families, native to Southeast Asia with many grades.

Woody Essential Oil

Agarwood is very popular. (Source: Internet)

It is one of the most expensive oils all around the world (costs about 13.000$ per pound). There are many uses of this oil. It can use as an ingredient in perfume, or to treat the digestive system of our body, anti-stress or treat your emotional and be a good method for psychological issues.

3. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil is from the West and it is known as a sweet and a rich in woody oil. It has been a part of the religion of India and used in traditional medicine very effectively for a long time ago. We can use this oil for many purposes. It can be a protector of your skin, it helps to reduce anxiety, anticancer potential, has alternative anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ability, and sedative effects.

Woody Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil has a wide range of healing effects. (Source: Internet)

4. Cedarwood essential oil

This kind of oil works on personal care and our mental faculty very effectively. It can enable you to take care of your health by its functions. Not only that, Cedarwood essential oil has anti-inflammatory and astringent agents in order to improve your skin. Therefore, it can be a protector and cures the fungal infection or acne matter. Moreover, it is able to relieve irritation due to eczema.

Woody Essential Oil

If you want to buy a woody essential oil, do not skip Cedarwood essential oil. (Source: Internet)

5. Rosewood Essential oil

It is indigenous to Brazil and Peru and has a unique fragrance in the perfume industry. It can use to improve our health, such as use it to treat depression matter, helps to reduce acne, pimples or blackheads, improve our skin because of its ingredients provide anti-aging.

Woody Essential Oil

Rosewood is helpful in strengthening your health. (Source: Internet)

If you are wondering what essential oil made from wood is good, you can check it out in this post. These five types of essential oil are popular and have the medium price. You can also easily to buy them on many online websites for shopping.

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