8 Common Yoga Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The most common yoga mistakes we make have nothing to do with our physical alignment. However, there are still a lot of people doing the wrong yoga poses and have nothing to deal with. This will lead to detrimental benefits if there is no solution.

1. The first common yoga mistake is keeping your breath tightly

Yoga is the method to let the breath free. However, there are still some holding the breath tightly, which means you are keeping breath strain and it is not good for your health. Feel relax and breathe naturally, you are probably not overexerting yourself. The mind will become quiet and we experience peace in our thoughts. Your breath also helps your focus remain on your own practice.

Common Yoga Mistakes

Be comfortable as much as possible when practicing yoga. (source: internet)

2. Focusing too much on the perfect pose

Just because you cannot get the full expression of the pose, it does not mean the steps you take to approach the full expression aren’t worth it. Pay attention to the shape and actions of the pose and imitate it. Do not be afraid if it is not the same as the pose your advisor acts. Just relax.

3. Overdoing exercises

One common yoga mistake people often make is not listening to their body and pushing or over effort. This can cause pains or injuries. Make a regularly practicing and barely for your health. Don’t let yourself be exhausted.

Common Yoga Mistakes

Excessive Yoga will lead to fatigue and not achieve the expected effect. (source: internet)

4. Distracting

Distraction is a scourge of modern society- the constant swirl of “Did I forget to…” or “Am I good enough…” and “what if…”. If your mind is not syncing with your body, you are more prone to injury because you’re too distracted to notice your body’s cues and signals. Focus more on every signal from your body while practicing yoga.

5. Skipping Savasana

This is a big mistake because Savasana is an important part of your yoga practice. This exercise allows people’s body and minds fully relax and absorb the healing benefits. If you find this exercise is difficult, don’t be worry because you can do it gradually.

Common Yoga Mistakes

Skip Savasana is one of the most regrettable mistakes when yoga.(source: internet)

6. Talking yourself negative

Your thoughts are more powerful than you may realize. If you spend the entire class telling yourself how horrible your balance is, it is negative to your mind. Instead, relax and think positive, you will realize how wonderful yoga brings pros to all your mental.

7. Not using yoga props

For some reasons, some people think that using yoga props is not essential. However, coming into some poses, with the support of belts, bolsters, blocks or blankets is actually a way to get you make a right pose.

Common Yoga Mistakes

Yoga props will help you to have a proper yoga posture. (source: internet)

8. Worrying about what other think

Yoga is about each individual’s body and mind. Therefore, do not be afraid to change your yoga practice to fit your current needs. Do what feel goods and what will help deepen your practice.

Practicing yoga involves a deep quest of uniting body, mind, and spirit and is much more than just a physical practice. Therefore, let your mind free and practice regularly, you will receive what yoga has brought to your lifestyle.

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