Detrimental Reasons Your Beauty Habit Might Be Deteriorating You and Solution To enduring Beauty

A number of people don’t recognise just the negative effects most skin care products have, with their chemicals, toxic elements and inimical additives they can render more harm than good. If consumers were more conscious, most of the favored products that are recently being in markets would be refused to be bought. The fact is that a bunch of the beauty products sold in stores, and produced and consumed in bulk are full of artificial ingredients; chemical colors, harmful fragrances, and fillers that are imbibed through the skin and canlead to long-term adverse effects on your health. 

Is beauty really worth all that?


The chemicals used in most beauty products not only devastate your health, but also debilitate the environment (source: internet)

The chemicals used in most beauty products not only devastate your health, but also debilitate the environment. How they are discarded and the fact that most are not biodegradable. So how can you maintain your beauty and attend upon your skin without your exposure to harmful chemicals? It is the music to your ears that there are alternatives from nature that can sustain your skin youthfulness, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and even overturn the damage that has already been done. As people are inhabiting in a culture where the public gradually tend to demand more organic, sustainable, and natural alternatives to the commercially available products that currently are all the rage in the market.

The Potential Dangers in Most Beauty Products


The Potential Dangers in Most Beauty Products (source: internet)

To make profit, companies do not hesitate to cut corners, use cheap and potentially devastating ingredients and producing products that can consequently cause damage to your skin.
Being confronted by this risk, it’s crucial to find out that a number of these harsh ingredients canpenetrate through the skin and potentially neutralize any positive effect they may provide.

Why isn’t there more regulation? 

Here are a few commonly known facts related to most over the counter beauty products.

  • The governance over most cosmetic and personal care products is very loose. That’s why these companies have a variety hoops to jump through in the markets.
  • Inorganic compoundsare used in most skin and beauty products. Moreover, petroleum-based ingredients are served as the basis for their formulation. When an ingredient is synthetic and chemically based it can actually block your pores, rendering your skin lose its ability to breathe naturally and dislodge toxins which can lead to blemishes and advanced aging.
  • A number of the deleterious chemicals that are used in some of the most common skin care products use harmful parabens, artificial colors, and potentially harmful aromas. For instance, toluene- a particularly common paint dissolvent and sodium lauryl sulfate can make kidney and respiratory damage.

To avoid negative effects that harmful chemicals in most skin and beauty products bring about, you should look for somewhere other than your local cosmetic counter

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Prior to our discovering the use of essential oils as a beauty and skin care treatment, it’s vital to learn what exactly an essential oil is.

For centuries, essential oils have been used all over the world to enhance people’s health and heal disease. Aromatic oils can be applied as natural medicine, for aromatherapy, beauty products and cleaning products.


Essential oil (source: internet)

Essential oil particles derive from the extraction and distillationof various parts of a plant with a known benefit and the leaves, bark, resin, peels and flower can all be used in this process.

In some primitive cultures, essential oils were made by soaking the plant in oil and then filtering the oil through some sort of straining device, most often a linen bag.

The benefits sourced from essential oils with their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Essential oils are catching on by dint of their diverse health benefits and the fact that they don’t contain harmful side effects.

Essential oils are highly qualified, steam-distilled plant extracts. Albeit completely natural, they still must be handled and used with care.

Before using an essential oil, you should do your research, understand its properties and make sure that it offers the benefits you are looking for.

There are also a few oils that may associate with certain medications and/or medical conditions so it’s  crucial to understand the risks.

Essential Oils and Skin Care

Essential oils supply significant anti-aging benefits for your face and skin. The anti-aging benefits associated with most essential oils derives from their high antioxidant levels and the fact that the oils can absorb the skin’s deepest layers.


Essential oil (source: Internet)

These properties boost collagen production. Since the molecules are smaller, they infiltrate more deeply to better the skin’s overall moisture and hydration levels.

This, in turn, leads to a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles without the harmful effects of most beauty products available on the market.

So if you’re finding a way to avoid bad chemicals like BOTOX and others used in medical procedures in an effort to preserve your youth, it is essential oils that is the perfect solution due to their hydrating, rejuvenating, hydrating and antiaging properties. That’s why this makes essential oils a safer and more cost effective solution to better the skin’s surface,  accelerate hydration and fortify elasticity.

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