10 Essential Oils Beat Your Anxiety Better Than Medication

Anxiety is the result of the stressful and overload work or study schedule. It leads to numerous bad effects and becomes an obstacle in human life. 10 essential oils below are the best effective aromatherapy for treating anxiety.

1. Lavender essential oils

With sweet and romantic scent, Lavender is the most favorite essential oil which is used for relieving anxiety, reducing stress and having a sound sleep. Just a few drops of Lavender can put you into a good mood for all day.


Lavender essential oil is a friend helping you ease the pressure of life (source: internet)

2. Jasmine essential oils

Jasmine is a powerful therapy property with pleasing and romantic fragrance. It is effectively used for reducing depression, calming and uplifting your spirit. Moreover, it is also helpful for treating some skin problems.

3. Ylang-Ylang essential oils

Fresh and floral fragrance makes this oil become one of the most popular essential oil for treating anxiety. Ylang-Ylang is an aromatherapy used for calming and relaxing abilities. This essential oil supports you to low stress, ease headaches and nausea.

4. Sandalwood essential oils

Sandalwood is an expensive herb which brings many health benefits to human. It is helpful for balancing your mental and body, relaxing and calming effects. This kind of essential oil will be more potent when being mixed with massage oils.

Sandawood oil

Sandalwood essential oil is not only luxurious but also effective in reducing stress (source: internet)

5. Rose essential oils

When being depressed, using Rose essential oil is an efficient method to help you refresh your mind. Furthermore, its scent is extremely valuable aromatherapy in soothing and resting.

6. Chamomile essential oils

Chamomile is an antidepressant medicinal plant which is useful for relieving pain as well as eradicating human depression. Its calming and comforting function will help you enjoy a day with more relaxation.

chamomile essential oil

Let’s start a new day with Chamomile essential oil. (source: internet)

7. Neroli essential oils

Originated from orange blossoms with a citrus aroma, Neroli is highly regarded for its uplifting fragrance. Neroli are able to remove sadness and raise your happiness as well. Therefore, this oil is widely used in aromatherapy method.

neroli oil

The citrusy aroma makes Neroli essential oil very special. (source: internet)

8. Patchouli essential oils

The abstraction of Patchouli essential oil is effective for your anxiety. A few drops of Patchouli will help you comfortable, reduce pressure and treat skin issues as well. Nevertheless, this essential oil should be used with small amount for the best effects.

9. Clary Sage essential oils

Clary Sage is a healthy medicinal herb used as an antidepressant or as one of the best natural therapy for anxiety. It raises your confidence and spirit power to lighten feelings of stress and nervousness. Besides, this oil also has euphoric properties supporting you to have exciting and relaxing moment.

10. Frankincense essential oils

Frankincense essential oil directly brings to you the feeling of comfortableness, happiness and pleasure. Your stress will be easily relieved after adding a few drops of Frankincense into bathwater. Not only that, the aroma of this oil can boost your sensitivity and mental connection.

frankincense essential oil

A series of surprising uses come from Frankincense essential oil. (source: internet)

Using essential oils for treating anxiety

Diffuser is the most simple and effective way to use essential oils for anxiety relief. Their fragrances are able to pervade everywhere in your room and bring you to a relaxing and comfortable space.

If you go out, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang and Frankincense are helpful essential oils to take to help you speedily remove your depression.

Some essential oils can be applied directly on your skin for massaging. In addition, you can simultaneously add few drops of essential oils into your bath to enjoy your best soothing moment in a day.

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