Essential oils: Pure in every drop

Along with the development of pharmaceutical industry, researchers have been working so hard in laboratory to give birth to various kinds of drugs with the hope of helping people combat with ailments. Its ingredients, with no doubt, are unnatural, chemical-based and often go with side effects if the user’s body does not go along with them. Look back how the ancients maintained good health, “aromatherapy” coined in the 1920’s by French perfumer Rene Gattosse has been used as a magically body-healing method that gives equal or, even in some cases, better effects than fast-acting but unnatural chemical-containing drugs we often gulp down today.

essential oils

Essential oil – a magically body-healing method (source: internet)

To increase the performance of aromatherapy, it needfully works with the use of essential oils. No side effects is expected but visible accompanied benefits like good skin care or invisible ones such as triggering our memories and waking up the cheerful time in our past, ameliorating emotions, moods, and feelings. Since its function in supporting recollection is discovered with safe, 100% natural ingredients involved, sooner or later this will become serious contender for drugs sold in stores.

A look at essential oils

Essential oils are likened to the quintessence of nature which are specific and unique. In a more professional way, they are naturally occurring, high concentrated aromatic compounds that are at first contained in different kinds of herbals then extracted through special process to gain certain level of pureness.

Endowed by their Creator with a long list of therapeutic and olfactory qualities, they have ability to help cure both psychological and psychical issues. For those who are exasperated by respiratory tract diseases, essentials oils do them the world of good when the ailments clear off. You also feel as fresh as a daisy because the aroma allows your brain to relax, calm your state of mind. Some smells are capable of leading you into peaceful and tranquil condition. From the past, the ancients realized miraculous effects of essential oils in term of both physical bodies and spiritualism and nowadays it has been proved by scientists.

How to make essential oils be a part of relaxing routine

Each aroma tells the name of each type of essential oils and makes it different and unique from the others. Every individual has different smell, favorite scent and separate response to them. Words of advice: Just try a little amount of essential oils to see if your body is in favor with them or not. Just only one drop can give off strong aroma because of its high concentration. It is not exaggerate that to form a drop of essential oil there is contribution of thousands of individuals of plants.


Enhance mood lifting blend owned by Ovvio Oils (source: internet)

Feeling the pureness

We all know the benefits of essentials oils but still wonder how and where to buy them which are genuine and gain exactly what the word “pure” means. It is not easy finding a real one when the market is flooded with poor quality ones due to the lack of standardized testing measures. Unscrupulous companies cash in on the deficiency of information and poor knowledge to bring out cheaply and perfunctorily produced products, trying to make people believe those the good ones. It becomes more uncontrollable that there is too much wheeling and dealing used in order to throw dust into their customers’ eyes. That confuses fans of oils essentials and that is why Ovvio Oils was born, a company that claims to only sell 100% pure and natural essential oil products.


Inhale Respiratory blend from Ovvio Oils (source: internet)

The process of extracting every essential oil drop is complicated so that if the manufacturers are just interested in “quantity is more important than quality” then absolutely they will make the products below the standards. In Ovvio Oils, it puts quality on the top that every step of the process is closely monitored and controlled to ensure the level of pureness, from the beginning to the moment the products are put on stock.

It’s not by chance that Ovvio Oils had its name be known to world. It is its flagship product, the Inhale Respiratory Blend, that charts Ovvio Oils’ rise to fame. Inhale Respiratory Blend is proud to be able to convince and easily win trust of those who used Inhale to get relief from ailments like asthma, bronchitis, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Once you give it a shot, you tend not to want to unpack the terrible-tasting pharmaceutical drugs. In the spirit of orienting towards the development and impeccability of essential oils, Ovvio Oils’ expert aromatherapist staff have been working with sweat blood to contribute to variation of its catalog and as a result, seven other essential oil blends and 15 single oils were added last year. All of blends were made industriously by aroma masters with over 30 years of experience. One of blends worth mention is all-natural insect repellent Prevent. Different from other chemical-based repellents which contain much or little poisonous substances to kill the insects, Prevent goes the better and safer way: free from DEET and pyrethrin. Therefore, you can absolutely use it on your children and pets without scrupulosity.

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