5 Safe Exercise Machines Should Be Used During Pregnancy

Doing exercises regularly during pregnancy brings a wide range of health benefits for both mother and fetus. However, choosing appropriate fitness equipment is vitally important. The article below will introduce you to 5 safe exercise machines for pregnant women.

Many people think that pregnant women should not exercise as it can make the mother tired and even miscarriage. However, this is a misconception. Exercise regularly will enable mothers to improve their health before giving a birth.
Doing exercises only has negative effects on the fetus when the mother is overly active or uses inappropriate exercise equipment. Thus, this article will show you 5 safe exercise machines during pregnancy.

1. Treadmill

Treadmill probably should be the most appropriate exercise equipment you can freely use during pregnancy period. Treadmill training can help you improve both your physical and mental health. Definitely, when your bump gets bigger, you can choose the lower levels of speed which are safer and more suitable.


Prenatal treadmill workouts can bring pregnant women a myriad of health benefits. (Source: Internet)

Even at the end of the pregnancy period, you can still keep walking on the treadmill (instead of running) and have your upper body relaxed. This is a smart way to prepare for your baby’s birth.

2. The upright cycle

Cycling on the stable equipment as the upright cycle is one of the most excellent choices for pregnant women. As you can find the correct height of the seat, you are able to work some highly effective cardio sets which put no pressure on the hips and joints. Therefore, pregnant women should not ignore this machine.

upright cycle

This machine is able to beat your back ache – a common side effect of pregnancy. (Source: Internet)

3. Stepper machine

Stepper machine is good for pregnant women. However, the only risk you could take on a stepper machine workout is pelvic pain, and it mostly comes from the wrong postures. The tutorial of this machine is so simple that you just need to maintain an upright posture and reduce intensity levels as necessary. Another point to note is that you should reduce the intensity of the exercise down when you feel tired.

A stepper machine

A stepper machine works your whole body well. (Source: Internet)

4. Cross trainer

For experienced users, this machine rarely causes any unexpected secure issue. Maintaining a low speed and a suitable stride length are enough to keep your daily workout safe and comfortable during pregnancy period. Apart from that, some high-end versions also include heart rate monitoring helping you to stop in time.

cross trainer

As the cross trainer is a low impact machine, it is suitable for pregnant women. (Source: Internet)

5. Rowing machine

The only upper body workout machine in the list is recognized as a safe exercise machine for pregnant women. Not only that, this gym equipment is also considered as the typical cardio machine. It has positive impacts on every part of your body and gives you the high heart rate as well as warms up your body before lifting. It is true that there are many weightlifting exercises suitable for pregnant women.

a rowing machine

It is safe to use a rowing machine when pregnant. (Source: Internet)

Many pregnant women chose exercises as the way to enhance both physical and mental health. Moreover, doing exercise regularly is able to help women regain fitness after childbirth. Therefore, if you are pregnant and have no special health problem, let’s choose a suitable workout machine to warm up yourself.

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