Get Your Best Sleep Ever With Essential Oils

We all know that lack of sleep can be a really big problem due to its serious consequences such as cognitive impairment or risk of cancer. In fact, sometimes, you still stay awake for hours as your mind is always active like a television auto changing channels itself. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry about this problem anymore because 8 best essential oils and tips below will enable you to get an undisturbed and healthy sleep.


Essential oils can help you beat insomnia (source: internet)

8 best essential oils for a sound sleep

1. Lavender

There is no doubt that lavender is put at the top of the list. Until now, it is still well-known as the best choice to improve sleep quality. Using this essential oil is a great way to relax and calm effects on your body. Thanks to it, you are definitely able to give up on sleeping pills in order to start a new day with a fresh feeling that you never had before.

lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is preferable in oil market (source: internet)

2.  Roman Chamomile

With a light fragrance like the combination of apple and fresh pineapple, Roman Chamomile has been used as a natural sedative for hysteria, nightmares, insomnia and other sleep difficulties treatment. Its relaxation properties and characteristic scent are really helpful for you to immediately drift off into your dreams.

3.  Patchouli

When it comes to helping people to sleep, Patchouli is another popular choice. Throughout many years, this essential oil has been prized for how peaceful it brings to the users. One of the notorious strengths of this essential oil is its sweet and restful aroma grounding and balancing for emotions. This is the core factor generating a wonderful space to sleep.

patchouli oil

Another perfect choice for a good night is Patchouli. (source: internet)

4. Ylang-Ylang

Smelling like floral perfume, the comfortable aroma of this essential oil is able to raise the spirit, open the heart and alleviate stress or anxiety. It eases tension and induces relaxation. Its sedative effects mainly come from this subtle fragrance. Thus, if you expect to a peaceful slumber, do not hesitate to put Ylang Ylang into your diffuser.

5. Bergamot

No one could neglect the fact that citrus fragrant will easily enable people to calm and soothe to the mind and body. Grapefruit or wild orange aroma is an adaptogen not only uplifting but also calming, depending on what you need at the time. There is a notice point that, when being used on skin, bergamot oil will increase the photosensitivity. Therefore, exposure to sunlight is harmful and can damage the skin.

6. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is considered as the second most expensive wood in the world, so the essential oil from this kind of tree is also luxury. However, the values and benefits it brings to humans are numerous, from mental clarity, memory booster, anti-aging to antispasmodic. Apart from those therapeutic effects, its sweet and soothing scent lessens tension and promotes emotional well-being to sleep better.

sandalwood essential oil

Sandalwood essential oil is subtle, luxury and effective as well (source: internet)

7. Cedarwood

Cedarwood essential oil is a wondrous extract for not only sleep problems but also internal diseases. It has both woodsy and floral aroma balancing to your nervous system and allowing your brain to stop processing after a hard-working day. Furthermore, it can lift the spirit while providing a calming influence on the body, so you can have the soundest sleep ever.

8. Marjoram

This Mediterranean region’s plant is commonly used as a culinary additive such as flavor soups, sauces, salads, and meat dishes. In other aspects like cosmetics and physical health, Marjoram is the beneficial choice for relaxing and sleeping longer due to its anti-inflammation effects. Undeniably, eradicating sore muscles and joints is vitally important in spicing your nighttime.

marjoram essential oil

Marjoram shows the usefulness in many areas (source: internet)

Tips for any insomniacs using essential oils

Your essential oil should be put in dark amber glass bottles with a dropper cap and stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

Using a diffuser is the easiest and the most effective way. Put a few drops of your essential oil both in your diffuser and on your body before going to bed. Specific locations are the bottoms of the feet, on the wrists, behind the knees and behind the ears on the mastoid bone or on the back on the neck.

These essential oils above as well as many other ones are great solutions to aid sleep. They provide you a deep sense of relaxation and comfort to enjoy your sleeping time, so let’s choose for yourself some appropriate oils!

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