Massage your feet with essential oils – new creative way of relaxation

Your feet have carried you through every corners, every streets and alleys. Therefore, they may suffer from dryness, irritation or itch, if not carefully taken care of. Be wise and do something right now to ease your two happy friends, by using essential oils as a way of relaxation. The article will provide you with 4 of the most popular and widely-used essential oils suitable for feet-massage, and 3 great sorts of combination you never want to miss.

massage foot

Let’s massage your foot with essential oil (source: internet)

Olive oil

Also scientifically known as Oleaeuropaea, this well-known essential oil is not only just for cooking. The great deal of vitamins and minerals in olive oil can heal wounds, especially abrasion or insect bites. If you are keen on adventurous on-foot travels, remember to put a bottle full of olive oil in your backpack in case your feet start to get uneasy.

olive oil

Olive oil is famous for finest cooking and relaxation. (source: internet)

Tea tree oil

Looking for some antisepsis acts? Tea tree oil is your no.1 choice! The anti-bacteria properties from tea tree oil (or scientifically Melaleuca alternifolia) can be flexible in plenty cases, from burns, blisters, infections to rashes, warts and insect attacks. Tea tree oil are able to be directly applied on skin, or with a carrier, if your skin is sensitive, or just avoid using any since such oil is a little bit “picky” for some skin types.

Tea tree oil is your no.1 choice

Tea tree oil is your no.1 choice (source: internet)

German camomile

German camomile (Matricaria Recutita) is a kind of anti-inflammatory product that can cure several illnesses, such as headache, stress, insomnia, some cases of allergies, and even wounds. When inhaling, the anti-inflammatory molecules will spread through your body, hence relaxing the stressed muscles and ease your pain.


Don’t be confused by the strange name, because Eucalyptus (fully Eucalyptus globulus) is a kind of leaf that creates such advantages helping your health maintain. Eucalyptus will stimulate your immune system and help curing tiresome, stress, cold or some slight diseases, and light up your body when worn out. You can put some in your bathtub full of warm water for massage and relaxation. However, people with high blood pressure, suffering from epilepsy and pregnancy are excluded.


Eucalyptus is your best defendant against stress. (source: internet)

Providing you still do not know what to do with these oils, we will supply you 3 simple methods to massage your feet.

First is Cleansing Foot Soak. You will need a mixture of Dead Sea salt (or Epsom salt) and 2 droplets of each oils mentioned above. Keep it in a jar so that you can use it weekly. Cleansing Foot Soak will prevent your feet from harms, infections, and inflammations.

Secondly, Anti-microbial Foot Powder. Just remember the 3-3-3 recipe: 3 Tbsp of absorbent power, and 3 drops of tea tree and rosemary oils. This special powder keeps your feet cool and clear and absorbs foot sweat.

Finally, Anti-inflammatory Foot Oil. You will need 30ml of olive oil as first, then adding 4 to 6 drops of camomile, tea tree and lavender oils. Use this oil combination whenever before sleeps or putting on socks, by gently rub it on your 2 bare feet. The anti-bacteria profit will help healing the itch, irritation and abrasion.

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