Top 5 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the World

People are eager to pay a lot of money to afford a bottle of essential oil due to their numerous of benefits. The below article will list 5 most expensive essential oils that can help you find best products.

5. Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

Market price: USD12.59++/ml

Being extracted from the beautiful and aromatic Jasmine blossoms, Jasmine Absolute possesses a sensitive fragrance unlike any other flowers. It is excellent for relieving tension and stress or harmonizing soul and body.

Expensive Essential Oils

Jasmine Absolute is ranked 5 in the most expensive essential oils in the world. (source: internet)

Moreover, it is the best method for people who are hard to sleep because of its effect on mental system.

4. Melissa essential oil

Market price: USD12.85++/ml

Made from the blossoms of Melissa officinalis, better known as lemon balm, Melissa essential oil is famous for its sweet and slightly scent. The oil also has the ability to calm the mind and heal any pain on your body.

Expensive Essential Oils

Melissa essential oil has such an amazing fragrance. (source: internet)

The other benefit of Melissa essential oils is that it can repel natural insects. Drop few of this oil into the essential oil burning lamp and let it spread the aroma in your room. This scent is the toxic for mosquitoes, ants and cockroaches.

Lemon balm flowers are tiny and they are only present in a short period of time each growing season. Therefore, that is the reason for the oil market price rising up to 12.85 USD per ml.

3. Tuberose Absolute essential oil

Market price: USD13.45++/ml

Tuberose Absolute essential oil is extracted from the blossoms of Polianthes Tuberosa, a night-blooming plant native to Mexico. This oil is attributed by unique warm and sweet aroma with subtle hints of peach and spice. Tuberose Absolute oil processing requires a lot of flowers to make it.

Expensive Essential Oils

Tuberose Absolute essential oil is expensive but good for our health. (source: internet)

There is no doubt that this kind of essential oil is used to reduce anxiety, avoid nausea and vomiting due to foul-smelling odors. However, it also protects skin from dryness and inflammation.

In order to afford this oil, you have to spend 13.45 USD per ml. That would not be easy at all.

2. Frangipani Absolute essential oil

Market price: USD14.82++/ml

Frangipani Absolute has a fantastic and creamy texture. Like any of other essential oils, it is also magical for skin treatment as well as stress reduction. Furthermore, this oil is used as a complementary agent in deep-cleansing products and as an element in other beauty products like shampoos, conditioners, etc.

Expensive Essential Oils

People still choose to buy Frangipani Absolute essential oil despite its high price.
(source: internet)

Blossoms of Frangipani are rarest, which are only found in some areas of France and in less heated regions. It is not easily affordable by individuals due to the price 14.82 USD per ml.

1. Champaca Absolute essential oil

Market price: USD22.56++/ml

And the most expensive ranking for essential oils in 2017 goes to the Champaca Absolute essential oil. Being derived from Magnolia Champaca flowers, this oil has euphoric and relaxing effects. Champaca tree is also highly respected by the Hindus as it is the scariest tree in the history of India.

Expensive Essential Oils

Champaca Absolute essential oil is the most expensive product in 2017. (source: internet)

This essential oil is also considered as a happy essential oil due to its power from 10 specialties elements. Wonderfully fragrant, sensual and fruity for most people, Champaca oil is really a delightful natural remedy.

For all the above reasons, the price for Champaca Absolute rises up to 22.56USD per ml and considers as the most expensive essential oil in 2017.

The above ranking is on the basis of their price and qualities. But these are hard to afford for every individuals because of their high price. However, at least, you can choose one best products that suits your health and body.  

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