5 Orange Essential Oil Benefits That Will Surprise You

Extracted from the fruit peels of sweet orange, Orange essential oil is widely used in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. The following article will show you 5 outstanding healing effects of this essential oil.

1. Antidepressant

If you feel depressed or nervous, some drops of this essential oil can lift your mood up due to its comfortable aroma. Orange scent will reminds you of happy period of time and nice memories.

Orange oil

Orange essential oil is able to fight the symptoms of depression (source: internet)

At the same time, this oil can also make users feel both alert and relaxed. Moreover, many researchers recognize its cortisol-lowering effects. Therefore, this essential oil is a perfect choice for people suffering serious anxiety.

2. Carminative

Gas accumulation in the abdomen is the primary culprit of indigestion and heartburn. Not only that, it can result in an increasing in blood pressure, which has a negative influence on heart.

Orange oil

Relieve the pain from gas accumulation with Orange essential oil. (source: internet)

Orange essential oil will be helpful in this situation. Apart from reducing gas formation, this oil is able to relax both abdominal and anal muscles in order to let the gas escape without causing any pain.

3. Sedative

Using artificial sedatives in the long run is detrimental to heart and other parts of body. Therefore, you should alternatively choose Orange oil when you want to relax after a hard-working day.

Orange oil

You can enjoy the best relaxing moment of the day with a few drops of Orange essential oil (source: internet)

Due to its natural sweet fragrance, this essential oil has the ability to beat anxiety or anger. Diffusing Orange essential oil in your bedroom or dropping it in your bathwater will provide you with a soothing space and a sound sleep.

4. Cholagogue

Increasing production of bile is another amazing effect of Orange. Enzymes and hormones are produced because both exocrine and endocrine glands are promoted by this oil.

Orange oil

Orange essential oil is good for your digestive system. (source: internet)

Thus, Orange essential oil has a myriad of effects on physiological processes like digestion, menstruation or even milk production in lactation.

5. Antispasmodic

Continuous coughing, diarrhea and muscle cramps are some consequences of spasms. In a long term, these negative effects will lead to neurasthenia. Therefore, early treatment of spasms is vitally important to avoid several serious problems.

Orange oil

The feeling of relaxation that Orange oil brings to you will ease your muscle pain. (source: internet)

And the healing effect of orange essential oil is extremely useful with this too. The comfortable feelings this oil brings to us can relieve the pain and relax muscular.

6. Anti-inflammatory

Uncontrolled and chronic inflammation can cause swelling and pain, which slow down you work or study.

However, Orange oil is able to help you. After applying some drops of this oil, you can find out some positive changes like a reduction in redness and swelling. Moreover, this oil is also useful in relieving cough and runny nose.

7. Diuretic

Apart from reducing blood pressure, Orange essential oil also increases the production of urine due to its mild diuretic action. Thanks to it, undesirable substances (excess salts, uric acid and more) are removed from the body.

Caution when using Orange essential oil

You have to be careful when applying this essential oil as there are many highly potent substances mixed together.

If being used in excess, Orange essential oil will result in vomiting or headache. Therefore, you ought to do a sensitivity level test before using this oil.

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