5 Outstanding Uses of Cedarwood Essential Oil for Health and Beauty

Extracted through the process of steam distillation from the cedar wood tree, Cedarwood oil is contributing to both life-quality and skincare field. The following article will help you realize 5 positive effects of this essential oil.

1. Spasm treatment

Cedarwood essential oil is capable of relieving related spasms and all types of ailments. If you are struggling with stress caused by anxiety, use few drops of cedar wood oil spreading in your room and the natural fresh air would ease you comfortably.

benefit of cedarwood oil

Thanks to Cedarwood essential oil, you will not be tortured by uncontrollable spasms.
(source: internet)

Researchers proved that Cedarwood oil has a calming and soothing effect on not only physical but also mind health. That is the aromatic scent will constantly create endorphins in your body and help you relieve the anger.

2. Beauty benefits

People who are facing with the hair loss matters can use this essential oil. It is because Cedarwood is able to stimulate the progress of hair growth and increase the circulation of scalp.

This essential oil is recommended for years by herbalists to treat thinning hair, various types of alopecia, dandruff and creasy hair. You can add 10 drops of this oil considered to be an element to your current shampoo or conditioner or just massage the oil to your hair in 30 minutes after rinsing.

benefit of cedarwood oil

Cedarwood essential oil has a wide range of amazing beauty effects.
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Also, if you have an oily skin, it is better to use this oil as a cleanser or toner. Blend a few drops of oil and smoothly apply them to your skin face in 30 seconds. Then wash it carefully before you go to bed.

3. Pain relief

Unfortunately, you are suffering a painful muscle or spasmodic condition, you can take the advantage of Cedarwood essential oil as a soothing method to feel relief.

Use about 10 drops of this oil and massage it to the part of your body that you feel painful. Moreover, it is a good idea to mix the Cedarwood into a warm bathtub to soothe the aching muscles as well.

4. Cough elimination

Cedarwood essential oil also has the power to treat cough, cold and any related congestion. It efficiently eliminates a cough and removes stuck respiratory system.

benefit of cedarwood oil

One of the most outstanding healing effects of Cedarwood essential oil is treating cough. (source: internet)

Before bedtime, rub two drops of oil onto your chest or throat in one minute and keep warm carefully also to avoid worse condition.

5. Insect bites treatment

This is the benefit that rarely anyone knows. When being used, Cedarwood oil drives away the insects such as mosquitoes and other irritating bugs. Cedar’s oil chemical makeup makes it effective at repelling them.

Precautions when using Cedarwood essential oil

It is vital to ask for doctor advice if a pregnant woman wants to use this oil because of its chemical reaction to the sensitive skin.

benefit of cedarwood oil

You have to be careful when using Cedarwood essential oil. (source: internet)

Cedarwood is not safe to take it into food because this oil can cause severe side effects such as vomiting, nausea or damage to digestive system.

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