5 Perfect Morning Exercies for Busy People

Doing morning exercises is widely known as the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. However, it is hard for busy people to follow some traditional ways such as running, swimming or jogging, etc. Let’s check out 5 perfect morning exercises that can help you to improve your health and save time as well.

4. Moving your legs

This lesson needs your legs’ strength and it called single-leg glute bridge. It means that your legs make a shape like a bridge with one leg standing and the others will be straight. morning exercises for busy people

Doing single-leg glute bridge is one of the easiest morning exercises for busy people. (Source: Internet)Lying down with your knees bent and your feet apart with shoulder-width, then keep your left leg straight out and use your strength to press it into the right heel to lift hips up off the mat. Lower down very slowly and flexibly and then you can create your resistance and repeat this on the other side.

2. Plank

There are many types of plank exercises but in this post, we want to share about plank with knee tap. You can lie down and start this lesson in high plank position, put your hands under shoulders directly and shoulders in line with your hips.

morning exercises for busy people

Doing plank is good for your hip strength. (Source: Internet)

Keep torso still by engaging the core and draw right your knee to chest and lift your left hand to tap right knee, after that draw your left and lift right hand to tap the left one. Practice, try your best and repeat this as fast as possible to get the best result.

3. Squat

This is one of the best exercises which can help you get a fitness body, especially your butt. You can stand with your feet wider than your hips width and stack over your knees while your knees over the ankles.

morning exercises for busy people

Squat is a very familiar but effective workout. (Source: Internet)

You must keep the balance and hinge at hips back and bend your knees lower than the body, do not forget to keep your chest lifted at least 90 degrees. You should repeat this lesson as much as possible. If you want to try more types of squat, you can learn more and change your style of squat.

4. Inchworm Pushup

With this lesson, you must use the strength of your hands more. First, with your feet shoulder-width apart and then hinge your hips to bend and touch the floor with hands, this move is like you walk with your hands on the floor in high position. Do not forget to keep your elbows closer and bend them lower chest to the floor. After that, you can push it back up and then walk your hands toward. Repeat it at least 5 times.

morning exercises for busy people

Inchworm Pushup can push your health. (Source: Internet)

5. Lift double legs

This exercise is very easy to do. You just lie down on the floor, extend your legs up toward the ceiling and your body forms at least 90 degrees angle and arms by sides. Then keep core engage and lower back pressed to the mat after that get your legs down lower as low as possible very slowly. Remember that do not let your back lower pop up off the mat. Lift your legs back to starting point and you can repeat this at least 5 times.

morning exercises for busy people

Let’s lifting douple legs if you do not have enough time. (Source: Internet)

Here are 5 best morning exercises that easy for you to do, even at home in the morning and can save your time to practice but still bring the good result to you.


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