5 Prenatal Yoga Poses Help Pregnant Women Healthier

Practicing prenatal yoga will bring mother and fetus a myriad of health benefits. However, pregnant women have to be careful when practicing some yoga pose in order to avoid bad effects on the fetus. Listed below are 5 yoga poses for pregnancy that are highly recommended.

At present, yoga is well known as one of the fanciest sport. Distracted reduction, stress and pain relief, you literally will live longer and healthier by adding yoga to your daily schedule. The only thing that prevents people from yoga is just its difficulties.

Watching the others keep balance in a weird pose or do hand-stand pushup may terrify some sedentary or even pregnancy woman. However, same as any kind of sports and exercises, yoga has the low level poses for pregnancy. Hence, here are 5 simple poses well-known as yoga for pregnancy.

1. Bound Angle Pose

Bound Angle Pose can be considered as one of the most relaxing and easiest poses of yoga. Many experts admit that the pose is good for the muscle to recover after a long working day or even boost your body energy. It is also suitable for people who are not ready for hard physical work.

Warm up yourself with Bound Angle Pose. (Source: Internet)

All you have to do just find a comfortable blanket to prevent your hip or groin from getting hurt. Take a sit and make sure that the pubis in front and the tailbone in the back are equidistant from the ground. Keep this pose for 1 to 5 minutes.

2. Easy Pose

If someone finds Bound Angle Pose is too much a high energy consumption pose, Easy Pose can help you to both take a rest and keep doing others yoga exercises. Right after you feel ready for this pose, stand up and fold your blanket into a firm support about six inches high then sit on it.

Take a positive rest with Easy Pose. (Source: Internet)

Cross your shin and keep your feet under the opposite knees. Keep this pose stable for a while, then stack your hand and put it on your chest as it would ease and relax you. You can keep on this pose as long as you want. To get out of this pose, straighten your leg and get your hand off.

3. Extended Triangle Pose

After two sitting poses, it’s time to get up from the blanket and do something really “Yoga”. The next pose is also well known as the quintessential standing pose in most styles of yoga. Therefore, this pose will require stability and integration from you.

Stand up and do Extended Triangle Pose. (Source: Internet)

However, the result will absolutely worth your efforts. The building of strength and the sense of expansiveness will help you to take a step closer to yoga expert level.

4. Head-to-Knee Forward Bend

No doubt that Extended Triangle Pose is really a challenge with a not in shape body. The advice is you should take a rest for a while. After that, you can do Head-to-Knee Forward Bend.

Head-to-Knee Forward Bend is good for pregnant women. (Source: Internet)

Its name sounds a little bit hard but your absolutely can do it even when you are close to exhausted. Keep focus and stay close to the tutorial, thereby you get your pose done.

5. Warrior II Pose

This ultimate yoga pose requires you to form an open hip and consistent practicing. At the end of the practice, you can feel it is hard to keep the thing stable.

Conclude your practice with Warrior II Pose. (Source: Internet)

The final pose helps you to release energy and promote metabolism. The key to this action is simple: Just practice it with the spirit of warriors.

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