5 Recommended Exercises for Pregnant Women

Regularly doing exercises during pregnancy is able to bring mothers a myriad of health benefits such as enhancing the circulations, developing the stamina or dealing with the contractions. The article below will show you 5 appropriate exercises for pregnant women.

Things to notice first

It is well-known that exercises during pregnancy are really essential for both mother and fetus. However, there are not any researches shown that how many exercises were enough. Therefore, pregnant women must be careful and talk with your doctor in advance if you want to join in any activities.

What is more, during pregnancy, you will feel changes in your body. That makes you inconvenient when jogging or running. Thus, you are advised to avoid these activities to restrict unexpected injuries.

Finally, you also need to be cautious with frequency and intensity of your exercises. The exercise program will differ depending on your health and previous experience. It is generally suggested to do exercises 3-4 times per week with 30 minutes per time. Here are 5 recommended exercises for pregnant women.

1. Warm up

Before doing any exercises, you should warm up and cool down your body first. As mentioned above, during pregnancy, woman have somebody changes. You will feel flexible thanks to your hormones produced during this period.

Warming up

Warming up is an indispensable exercise for pregnant women. (Source: Internet)

For this reason, you must be careful when stretching and pulling. These poses may cause injuries, so you ought to be done exceptionally tenderly, particularly after the first trimester.

2. Walking

It seems that walking is the most popular activity with both normal people and pregnant women. Walking is very easy to do regardless of your inconvenience during pregnancy. Besides, this activity is safe so you can control your frequency and intensity. Moreover, it also helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness.


Walking is a simple but effective exercise. (Source: Internet)

3. Stationary cycling

Cycling is another good choice if you want to upgrade your leg strength. Like walking, it also works for your cardiovascular fitness. Because your belly will grow fast, it is difficult to keep balance on a bike. Therefore, stationary cycling will be a safe alternative for pregnant women.

Stationary cycling

Training stationary cycling will help you get rid of muscle strains in the thigh. (Source: Internet)

4. Weight training

Notice that with this method, women who have never joined in before having conceived should not try to do it. In contrast, women who have usually engaged in the activity before should continue to keep this good habit.

Weight training

Weight training is able to make you relax during pregnancy. (Source: Internet)

It is indicated that weight training is a great method to improve strength and become more flexible. So it can make you feel comfortable with somebody changes during pregnancy.

5. Water sports

Water sports are one of the suitable choices during pregnancy. Some water sports such as swimming and water aerobics are safe and enjoyable. Swimming makes all your muscles work enough without overheating. Water aerobics is good for your heartbeat.

Water sports

Pregnant women should practice swimming or water aerobics. (Source: Internet)

The perfect thing is that these water activities are safe and take no risk of falling. You can also control your balance to avoid the strain of muscles. Water activities are said to be good for women who have to deal with back or leg problems during pregnancy.

Some exercises must be avoided during pregnancy

  • Lifting heavy weight: it may cause some problems with your cardiovascular system.
  • Training programs which contain lying on your back or stomach.
  • Standing still for a long time is not suggested.
  • Scuba diving should be avoided because it will impact directly on the fetus.
  • Some sports such as soccer, ice hockey or basketball may cause a high risk of falling.


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