Refresh your life with a guide to essential oils

Essential oils, as you know, have many effects and can be used in many ways. You can diffuse them, you can add them into a bath or you can use them in place of perfumes, you can customize you fragrance and blend different oils whenever you feel like. Be creative as you can be. If you don’t know when to begin, read this article for a reference. Nick James, a botanist and the co-founder of Body Bliss – a company famous for its excellent essential oils – shared his tips about using essential oils that we think may be helpful to you.


Essential oil (source: internet)

1. Use essential oils when having a bath

To do this, you need a carrier oil to help spread out your essential oils in the water. According to James’s trick, a mixture of oils and whipping cream in bath water helps to distribute the oils throughout the water. Adding oils into a bath brings you therapeutic effects.


Adding oils into a bath brings you therapeutic effects (source: internet)

2. Mix essential oils with unscented oil or lotion

This mixture will optimize the best benefits of essential oils to your skin.

3. Find a brand you trust

This is one of the top things you must consider when choosing which company to buy essential oils from. Essential oils sold at James’s Body Bliss are superbly good because James is a botanist and he has a wide knowledge of plants used to make oils. Before buying, do the research you can about the manufacturer and the retailer’s commitment to have a high quality oil with a reasonable price.

4. Trust your nasal perception

By using your nose, you can evaluate the quality of each essential oil. “True essential oils are full of aromatic essences,” says James. “Take lavender as an example. You’ll want to look for one that has a soft and sweet smell – not something that smells synthetic.”

5. Know the uses of each essential oil


Lavender oil can help to relieve your stress (source: internet)

Essential oils help to combat many issues you have in everyday life. Certain scents help with certain issues and you should keep in mind which one is suitable for your current state.

To ease your anger or disappointment, you can pick jasmine, rose, tangerine, lemon, bergamot, ylang-ylang or chamomile.

To relieve your tiredness, you can pick cinnamon, eucalyptus, fennel, lemon, sage, clove basil or peppermint.

To alleviate your stress and depression, you can pick lavender, bergamot, orange, rose geranium, peach, myrrh or frankincense.

To have a quick boost of confidence, you can pick jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli or frankincense.

To improve your mood, you can pick vanilla, ylang-ylang, sandalwood or jasmine.

6. Try blending

When you create a unique blend, it may have a much more powerful and more effective than when you use the oils separately.

You need something to deal with insomnia? A mixture of marjoram or spikenard and lavender, clary sage, vetiver and sweet orange can give you a well-rested sleep.


A well-rested sleep gives you a lot of energy for a new day. (source: internet)

You need something to go through hard times? A combination of basil, ylang-ylang, jasmine and bergamot can help to psych yourself up, boost your confidence greatly and make you feel good about yourself to conquer any goals or challenges.

You need something to lift your mood up? You can mix ylang-ylang, orange, lime and chamomile. This mixture helps you to have a positive attitude about life and to be willing to get out of your comfort zone without fear.

You need something to be like a housewarming gift? A powerful blend of orange, geranium and clove bud can be a great choice. Orange is a symbol of richness and abundance, geranium is the personification of friendship and loyalty, and clove bud is about community.

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