8 Safe Essential Oils for Cooking

Combining a few drops of your favorite essential oils and nutritious foods is able to bring tremendous benefits to you. However, not every essential oil is a good choice for cooking. Here are 8 safe essential oils which can be used in your dishes.

oil for cooking

Here are 8 safe essential oils which can be used in your dishes. (source: internet)

1. Lavender

There is no doubt that Lavender is the first name on this list due to its versatile properties. This oil is used in myriad fields, including cooking.

oil for cooking

Lavender Lemonade is a great drink from essential oil. (source: internet)

With a gentle and floral fragrance, Lavender is suitable for many dishes, especially for dessert recipes such as scones or simple syrups. Many gourmets will be persuaded by the sweet flavor this oil provides.

Apart from that, Lavender is also helpful in relaxing your mind, calming your body and beating your anxiety.

2. Citrus

As the oil is pressed directly from the fruit’s peel, the natural ingredients in the oil are safe to cook. Moreover, the familiar fruit aroma in Citrus is able to make your food taste better. Citrus is a great essential oil which can be use in drinks or orange ice creams.

oil for cooking

Citrus essential oil is used to make luscious lemon bars. (source: internet)

There are a wide range of healing effects coming from this oil, from antimicrobial properties to weight loss contribution.

3. Bergamot

The aroma, which is like citrus fragrance blending with honey tea, is the most outstanding point of this essential oil.

oil for cooking

Bergamot essential oil is an aromatic cooking ingredient. (source: internet)

Furthermore, Bergamot is capable of reducing your stress and nervousness in order to provide you with a soothing space.

4. Peppermint

This essential oil has already famous for its cool and refreshing flavor. It also relieves your pains and lifts your mood up.

Therefore, Peppermint blending in lemonade or honey tea is tasty and good for your health. Peppermint candies and chocolates are also favored by your children.

5. Ginger

Having the ability to protect your stomach and fight hateful nausea, Ginger is good for digestive system and great for cooking as well.

oil for cooking

Lemon Ginger Mint Tea can reduce cholesterol.
(source: internet)

Ginger snaps, Ginger tea and Ginger bread are several dishes made from this oil. Not only that, Ginger can also be used in sauces for stir fries and marinades.

6. Thyme

As a flavorful culinary herbal essential oil, Thyme is commonly used in stews, soups as well as bakes.

Besides, Thyme essential oil is able to stimulate antimicrobial immune and help to improve food safety.

7. Cinnamon

Apart from a wonderful aroma, Cinnamon has both antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.

Sweet dishes are suitable for applying this essential oil. It can replace the cinnamon bark. One of the most famous dishes made from this essential oil is the French cinnamon toast.

8. Anise

Because of the attractiveness of its licorice flavor, anise essential oil is widely used in cooking, from cookies, mild biscotti, savory marinades, sausages to soup.

When being used appropriately, Anise is extremely good for your digestive system.

Caution when using essential oils for cooking

You should start with a very small amount of essential and add drops to taste with appropriate measurements. Thanks to that, you can avoid using in excess.

oil for cooking

You must pay attention to the dosage when using essential oils in cooking. (source: internet)

Another point to note is that you ought to use certified organic essential oils as low-quality essential oils can cause harmful effects on your health.

8 essential oils above are not only safe for cooking but also bring enormous health advantages to you. Choose your favorite ones and prepare for your family a wonderful dinner with them!

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