5 Simple Yoga Poses that Can Help Beginners

If you are just a newbie to this kind of sport and you are wondering which poses are suitable for beginners, let’s check this post. Here are 5 simple poses for those who are beginners or those looking for basic but helpful lessons.

1. Plank

This word is not very strange to you because it is too popular and easy to do. This action uses your strength of two hands and needs your balance. To do this, you tuck your toes and lift your legs up off the floor (better when using the mat), then you slide your heels back until they are a straight line of your head to your feet.

yoga for beginners

Plank is one of the best yoga poses for beginners. (Source: Internet)

Plank helps us to keep balance on hands while you entire your body. It also makes our abdominals stronger and how to keep the good breath while keeping your body balance.

2. Tree pose

Tree pose is one of the most popular poses of yoga. It is known as a symbol when you are talking about yoga. This pose teaches you how to stand balanced on one foot and learn how to keep breathing deeply to gain focus.

yoga for beginners

Yoga newbies should try tree pose. (Source: Internet)

You can start this pose with your feet standing and place your right on the inner left upper thigh, then your hands set up as you are praying and try to find a spot that can hold you in a steady gaze. While standing, let’s hold your breath for 8 or 10 times then switch to the other sides. Beginners must try to learn this pose.

3. Mountain pose

You can imagine that your body will shape like a mountain with this pose. It seems like you just need to stand simple, but it will bring you a lot of good things. It bases for all standing poses and teaches us how to stand ground on feet and learn the way to feel things below. It is just normal and easy pose.

yoga for beginners

Mountain pose is easy to practice. (Source: Internet)

Standing like normal, press down all your toes like you are going to spread them open, then lift your knees, lift up through the inner thighs by engaged quadriceps. Finally, draw the abdominals in or up then press the top of your shoulders to get down. Hold your breath for 5 or 10 breaths every time you do it.

4. Bridge pose

With its name, to do this pose, your body will learn how to flexible and it is good for your back. This pose needs you to lie down on your back with your hips width apart, then press on to your feet and lift a butt up off the mat. Your hands put together and press the fists down to the mat as open up your chest.

yoga for beginners

Bridge pose can strengthen your health. (Source: Internet)

5. Warrior pose

Beginners often try to do some poses that can help to be stronger and this one is good for some postures, like a triangle, extended angle or moon balance. Start this pose with your feet standing by one leg’s length apart, then turn your right toes our about 90 degrees and the left one in 45 degrees.

yoga for beginners

If you are finding basic yoga poses, do not skip warrior pose. (Source: Internet)

After that, bend your right knee directly over the right one while keeping a torso between the hips. Next, stretch your arms out and gave them over the right hand. Hold your breath 8-10 breaths when straightening the right leg and turn your feet to right.

Here are 5 simple poses for beginners who are brand new with yoga. Let’s check it and try to practice it often to get mindful and be a better person on doing yoga.

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