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Harmfull of essential oil

6 Harmful Effects of Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of advantages for humans and most of them are natural. However, they are not as safe as many people think. Here are 6 negative effects of essential oils you …
oil for cooking

8 Safe Essential Oils for Cooking

Combining a few drops of your favorite essential oils and nutritious foods is able to bring tremendous benefits to you. However, not every essential oil is a good choice for cooking. Here are 8 safe …
Essential oil for dog

5 Safe Essential Oils For Your Dogs

Essential oils are believed to be used only for humans due to tremendous benefits that they bring to us. However, this is a misconception since they are also helpful to our dogs. 5 essential oils …
lavender essential oil

5 Kinds of Essential Oil Made From Lavender

Being widely known as one of the most beneficial oils for health, Lavender becomes a popular product with consumers. In today’s oil market, there are a lot of types of lavender essential oils. This article …

Essential oils: Headache relief without drugs

A headache gradually becomes an obsession which prevents people, especially women, from studying and working. This illness starts from many reasons such as chemical changes in brain, stress, personal physical conditions and other outside ones …

Essential oils: Inseparable thing to me!

Lemon grass, eucalyptus, or peppermint are my favorite oils to keep me aware while I’m on the road. Their properties include giving a feeling of being uplifting, stimulating, and immune-boosting.