The 5 Most Common Essential Oil Mistakes to Avoid

Essential oils have a myriad of amazing healing effects when they are used properly. If you are a total newbie, it will take you several time and knowledge to learn how to work with essential oils. The article below has listed top 5 mistakes you can make with them.

1. Underestimating or overestimating the power of plants and tree

A lot of people mistakenly think that natural things are automatically good for them. Despite the preventive and therapeutic properties of essential oils, some of them being used in a wrong way are able to be harmful to you.

Another mistake is that you overestimate their power. No one can deny that essential oils bring enormous benefits to humans, but t is narrow-minded to believe that they can treat everything. Asking your heath provider for detailed advice to gain in healing effects of essential oils is much wiser.

essential oils mistake

Essential oils provide human with a whole range of advantages when being used in a proper way.(source: internet)

2. Focusing on price and neglecting quality

The cheapest essential oil is not always best. Its quality is important too. You have to choose prudently to get the pure essential oils instead of wasting money on the low-quality ones that do not offer you any advantages, or worse, sometimes poor quality essential oils can be adulterated and cause harmful side effects on your skin.

It is wise to check with a well-known expert on which brands produce best essential oils, especially when you use them as medicine to heal some diseases. Artisanal, local or even homemade oils may be low-cost, but they usually leave out harmful stabilizers or by-products like parabens. Thus, do not focus too much on the prices.

3. Applying essential oils incorrectly

You can use essential oils in many ways, from being applied directly to the skin, inhaled to taken internally. You have to note that each application method has its own precautions.

For skin application

Certain essential oils used in too high a concentration may cause irritation, especially for people with sensitive skin. If you happen to be a highly sensitive person, determine potential irritation and dilute appropriately before administering essential oils.

essential oils mistake

Diluting essential oils appropriately is safe for your skin. (source: internet)

For inhalation

It is one of the safest means of using essential oils, and it is also the fastest way to get their effects on your bloodstream. Nevertheless, it is vitally important to use essential oils with caution. You ought to diffuse in a well-ventilated area and take breaks regularly. Also, follow dilution guidelines is necessary.

essential oils mistake

Being careful when inhaling essential oils to prevent yourself from unfortunate things.
(source: internet)

For Oral Use

Oral administration does not apply to all sorts of essential oils. Moreover, a specific situation must be prudently analyzed by your heath provider. If using essential oil internally is necessary, you must have considered about the dose, concentration or duration.

For Cooking

Although some essential oils are beneficial for cooking, remember to check the cautions as well as contraindication to choose appropriate oils. Apart from that, using certified organic essential oils is also a wise choice.

essential oils mistake

You have to prudently find out the origin and quality of the essential oils for cooking. (source: internet)

4. Applying essential oils to the wrong locations

Generally, wrists, ankles, fingers and behind the ears are 4 reasonable locations to apply essential oils. Applying to these areas enables you to enjoy the effects of essential oils in the most effective way.

In addition, make sure that essential oils are unable to get anywhere near your eyes as it really hurts. If it happens, rinsing with water does not help at all because oil and water do not mix. You can use coconut oil, milk or cream, and then flush with fresh water.

5. Starting with a new oil without listening to your body

People have their own ways to react to essential oils due to the sensitivity of their skin in particular and their body in general.

essential oils mistake

Rashes come from using essential oils in a wrong way. (source: internet)

An individual are unable to use to several kinds of essential oils in order to avoid some allergies causing rashes, skin complications or even other more serious diseases. Therefore, listening to what your body says when using a new essential oil to keep yourself safe.

In brief, 5 essential oil mistakes above should be absolutely avoided. Thanks to that, you will have the ability to promote the power of essential oils without worrying about these issues anymore.

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