The most unfavourable and favorable kinds of food for runners

Every runner is different as every digestion has it own distinction. I have some companions who can consume a big dish of Pad Thai the night before a long running and it’s no big deal, while others have a strict a chicken-and-brown-rice mealroutine. What about me? I still avoid maizethoroughly, and before a run, I’ll ignore most cruciferous leafy greens and salads, which leave me distended and, well, carbonated. Since it comes to nutrition and the worst foods for runners, I tended to get some general “eat this, not that” rules, so I nominated Lauren Slayton, MS, RD, founder of Foodtrainers in NYC (and a marathoner herself) to give me her best recommendation and running-related food rules.

There was a time I ate an ear of corn the night before a half-marathon. I didn’t suppose thatthe decision of my dinner was too miserable—but my body was in disagreement. I spent every mile of that race dashing from one porta-potty to the next. No need to say, I haven’t had any intake of a bite of corn since then. (it is considered as my ultimate pre-race mistake.)

So, here are some suggestions of food experience below will recommend you what should not be eaten before, during and after your next run.


What should not be eaten before, during and after your next run? (source: internet)

Cling to what works for you

When it comes to what the most unfavorable food for runners, he or she may tell a story. Slayton says “As a very warm marathon was being run and a dish of orange slices was prepared by a well-meaning spectator. I was thirsty, so I reached out and grabbed one little piece of an orange. Let’s just say I may as well have been stabbed mid-race. Oranges are forever out for me.”


“Oranges are forever out for me” (source: internet)

Don’t get on with bubbles

Before your run, avoiding seltzer is a notice. It is found that soda water can stay in your digestion system longer than non-fizzy beverages. Therefore, your performance will not be affected after you have some pre-run drinks.


Before your run, avoiding seltzer is a notice (source: internet)

Get rid of the post-run pancakes

We often get the mentality of binging after some achievement of ourselves, which may leave us pity results. After your run, inflammatory food which contains flour and white sugar should be avoided to keep your weight and recovery at good point.


After your run, inflammatory food which contains flour and white sugar as pancake (source: internet)

Concede the Gatorade

Being in a race, the Gatorade must be your choice of charging energy. However, the Gatorade should be acknowledged. Though it contains electrolytes which are beneficial to our body, there are other substances that are not too good to your health.


Gatorade(source: internet)

Avoid too much of anything

Too little or too much something are both not really essential. In some cases, this may be worse. Mind your meal in order not to get too much unnecessary stuff to your body, which may cause problems to your digestion. You can make reference to this rule: 1 hour before your run, you can eat 100 calories. Two hours before a run, you can take 200 calories.


Avoid too much of anything (source: internet)

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