5 Unhealthy Foods that You Should Avoid

Nowadays, people just focus on their work, their study or other things in life and forget about their meals. They eat quickly and this leads to the development of fast foods, which are seemingly bad for your health. Now let’s find out top 5 foods that are unhealthy for your daily life.

1. Soda drinks

Most of people, especially teenagers, like to drink soda or coke because of its taste and its convenience. However, it contains a lot of unhealthy ingredients which have negative effects on your health. It has Caramel coloring, Bisphenol A (BPA) and aspartame, even fake sugar.


Soda drinks are unhealthy foods that you should avoid. (Source: Internet)

It consumes in large amounts and can drive the insulin resistance in your body with strongly linked to non-alcohol and it leads to some fatty liver diseases. Moreover, some sugary drinks like soda or coke is also associated with some diseases such as diabetes or heart diseases.

2. Pizzas

Pizzas are the most favorite junk food of most people as it is very delicious. Nevertheless, they still bring a lot of bad influences to your health due to their unhealthy ingredients. Pizzas have many types but mainly made from meats with highly wheat flour, it is also high in calories and of course, it leads to some bad problems to your health.


Eating too many pizzas is not good for your health. (Source: Internet)

3. Fruit juice

Maybe you will be surprised when we put this into our top 5, but there is a fact that fruit juice is good but also brings some bad effects. It includes vitamin C and provides some anti-oxidants, but in the other hands, it can be weighed against in large amounts of liquid sugar to your body. It contains much sugar as a kind of sugary drinks such as soda or coke.

fruit juice

A large amount of liquid sugar in fruit juice is what you should consider carefully. (Source: Internet)

4. Cakes

Cakes are sweet things in life that can help you to remove stress or even make you feel good when eating them, but inside, cakes are bad for your health. First, with its sweetness, your teeth will be destroyed much. And not only cakes, cookies or pastries are also not good. They are made from a lot of refined sugar, wheat flour and of course fats. These ingredients can make you fat, disturbingly unhealthy and high in trans fats.


You are harming yourself when eating cakes. (Source: internet)

5. Ice creams

At the end of our top 5, we will talk about ice cream – one of the most favorite and delicious things of teenagers. It is also one of the unhealthiest. Of course with its sweetness, most of ice creams just made from sugar, it is high in calories and contains sodium or even artificial colors.

ice creams

Colorful and sweet ice creams are tasty but not healthy. (Source: Internet)

We hope our top 5 unhealthy foods here can bring you some new ideas about an eating habit. We also have a rule for you, good food is its ingredients, not just show by its shapes or its tastes. Choosing food to eat is choosing a health to live. If you want to have a healthy life, besides creating your new eating habit, doing exercise is also a necessary thing to do.

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