What are essential oils?

This article, wellnesstips.org will explain to you what is essential oil? Throughout hundred years of revolution, essential oil is now vastly in use among several life aspects, as such products take customers on a trip to body enlivening and mind igniting.

Essential oil (or volatile oil, aetherolea) is a type of liquid combination of easy-vaporizing aroma compounds. Such oil can generally be extracted by steam distillation or cold pressing.

Essential oil is the “essence” of a plant, or known as its resin symbolized the purest vitality and energy derived from nature. Most kinds of volatile oil are transparent.

Aetherolea is used to partly produce perfumes, cosmetics, shower gels, soaps,… or add flavors to food and beverages.

With the million-year-long history, volatile oil has been named as nature’s treasure, or nature’s medicine cabinet. In the 19th century, it became an official method of treatment and was put into effect by China, Korea, Japan, Britain, France,…

Essential oil - a gift from nature

Essential oil – a gift from nature. (Source : Internet)

Essential oil can be sorted into three main types. First is pure essential oil that was 100% derived from natural plants, and not mixed with other sort of chemical substances. The next one is impure essential oil. Captured by the name, this liquid was aggregated by pure oil and other chemical compounds, yet the scent still remained the same. Finally, synthetic essential oils are products that provide with similar scent as the origin via chemical compounds synthesis, named as perfumes.

Essential oil as perfume

Essential oil as perfume (Source : Internet)

The elements used to produce essential oil are diverse, most of which is leaves. Bay leaf, buchu, basil, cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree are the most frequent for creating fragrant oil. However, when it comes to perfume or synthetic oil, flower is the primary ingredient of the product. It can be shortlisted that rose, lavender, jasmine, cannabis and scented geranium are top-ranked flowers for a perfect perfume. Plus, other parts of plants are capable of making essential oil, too, such as bark (cassia, sassafras), berries (allspice, juniper), peel (lime, lemon, grapefruit), resin (benzoin, frankincense), rhizome (ginger), root (valerian), seeds (flax, nutmeg oil), and wood (camphor, cedar, sandalwood).

Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil (Source : Internet)

Essential oil made of orange peel

Essential oil made of orange peel (Source : Internet)

Antecedently, essential oil was applied in medic, as it could be involved in treating headache, arthropathy, liver and kidney diseases, insomnia, and stress. In beautification, volatile oil eliminates death skin cells and acnes, making skin more soft and healthy. Such oils can also be used to replace plenty of cosmetics since they are commented to be safer and side-effect-free.

Essential oil as an alternative cosmetics product

Essential oil as an alternative cosmetics product (Source : Internet)

Despite the advantages, users may confront some risks if overusing essential oil. Applying too much on skin can cause allergy and irritation, resulting in skin’s vulnerability to sunlight. During pregnancy, pregnant women should avoid using those germs in order not to cause nausea. Moreover, most of oils earn flammability – capacity of making fire. Even the most popular and common oils like tea tree and lavender are classified as Class 3 Flammable Liquid. If you have pets, make sure that your domestic dogs or cats stay away from those volatile oils, since some may contain toxic that kills.

Over-applying essential oil on skin can cause skin irritation

Over-applying essential oil on skin can cause skin irritation (Source : Internet)

There are number of essential oil usages, such as spreading the scent through the air by smoke or spraying, or some may prefer put it directly on skin, but doctor’s advice is highly recommended. Otherwise, consumers can literally “digest” these oils by having food and beverages like candies and tea.

Drinking water with lemon oil is good for health

Drinking water with lemon oil is good for health (Source : Internet)

Cooks love to add some essential oil into food to increase the flavor

Cooks love to add some essential oil into food to increase the flavor (Source : Internet)

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