5 Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is one of the worst things in our body that we just want to reduce it to have a fitness body. There are many ways to reduce it, but doing yoga is a common way and it becomes popular because of its benefits. Here in this article, we will show you about 5 simple poses of doing yoga to help you keep fit.

1. Seated forward bend pose

A belly fatter should try this pose because it can help you to reduce fat faster and it is perfect fold to start to open up the body. Put your legs together, your feet flexed with your hands seated by your hips and start to hinge your chest forward. Do this until your abdominals will be engaged lower and feel like your button moving towards the top of your thighs. Every once you do it, let’s stop and hold your breath 10 times.

Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

Seated forward bend pose are able to help you keep fit. (Source: Internet)

2. Cobra pose

This is one of the most popular poses of basic yoga for belly fatter and it works effectively for your belly and your back. To do this pose, you can start by lying down your body on the mat and put your hands to support your body up and your forehead keeps resting on the floor.

Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

Cobra Pose is helpful in reducing belly fat. (Source: Internet)

Next, lift your body by inhaling deeply and keep your body weight on palms but make sure that your arms are bent at elbows. Press your hips, thigh, and feet on the mat and lift your body back slowly about 5 times or more.

3. Wind-relieving pose

This pose is also called “Pawanmuktasana” and it will help you to have a fitness belly and keep your stomach flatter. Put your feet parallel and your hands on the side while lying down your back on the mat. Then lift your head and your chest off the ground and try to touch your chin or your forehead to knees. Try to hold your breath deeply and bring your knees towards and press thigh your abdominals.

Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

You should try wind-relieving pose. (Source: Internet)

4. Bow pose

Bow pose will help you to improve your postures, strengthen your abdomen and burn lower your belly fat. You can start by the simple action, just by lying down your stomach on the mat with your feet on hips width apart. Then fold your knees and your feet on the top and lift your body off the ground combine looking straight and try to breathe deeply.

Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

You don’t have to worry about belly fat if practicing bow pose every day. (source: Internet)

5. Plow pose

To end this topic, we will end with the plow pose (or “Halasana” pose). This pose seems harder than these poses above but it can help to burn your fat and release your backache, headache or even insomnia.

Yoga Poses Can Reduce Your Belly Fat

Do not forget to do plow pose. (Source: Internet)

To do this pose, you can start by lying down your back on the mat and try to keep your legs up at an angle about 90 degrees by your hands. Try to keep it on balance, keep your core tight and gaze on the navel, and then put your legs down behind your head, try to make your toes touch the floor from your back.

If you are a belly fatter, let’s try to these poses and keep it as a good habit by practice every day. But along to do yoga, you have to maintain your diet to get the best result. Stay away from junk food or any foods that include fat and can be harmful to your health.

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