5 Helpful Yoga Postures for Back Care

Coming along with the modern lifestyle, the ratio of people suffering from osteoarthritis and back pains are increasing. Practicing yoga regularly will enable you to deal with this problem. Therefore, the article below will list 5 yoga postures for back care.

Sitting along time in front of the screen causes many lower back pain symptoms and degenerative spine issues. When the pain comes, people tend to restrict movement and action. Otherwise, health experts and doctors advise that suitable exercises could be one of the best conditions to avoid and release back pain.

If you have already had the pain, the important thing besides medical treatments is that you should not to stay in a posture for too long. Such as when you move slightly, muscles are stretched and the recovery process is promoted. Basically, except the hard sports such as football or wrestling, people doing exercise daily can reduce 28% risk of back pain.

There is a group of postures name Yoga Back Pain with 5 simple yoga postures which is absolutely safe and possible to do even with back pain patients, beginners or people who just want some yoga for back care. This article down there will illustrate you all the five.

1. Cat/Cow Posture

The name represents us how the posture is supposed to be. At first, use your hands and knees to make the tabletop position. Then keep arching and rounding your back alternately (make pressure to the floor with your hand and tops of your feet. By keeping doing this posture regularly, you will get your spine massaged and stretch the upper body.

cat cow posture

Soothe your back pain with the cat cow posture. (Source: Internet)

2. Spinal Twist

You usually have many ways to do twisting postures. Hence, the Marichyasana C is also well known as one of the safe and effective options. Make the tripod with one hand and one foot pushing on the floor and the other leg straight.

Spinal Twist

Spinal Twist is able to fight your back pain. (Source: Internet)

Then twist and hook your left elbow over the right thigh. If you cannot afford this, there is also another choice – that is holding the right knee to twist.

3. Triangle pose

By building strength and stretching, you probably can eliminate the risk of back pain. Both of the conditions can be the result of the Triangle pose.

Triangle pose

Thanks to Triangle pose, you do not have to bear the uncomfortable back pain. (Source: Internet)

Stand up with your feet parallel and apart from each other with the distance about 3 feet. Turn one of your feet so that they perpendicular to each other. Then place on hand on the ground and the other point toward the sky.

4. Bow Pose

First, lie with your face opposite to the floor. Then rise your both legs up. Then lift your head (and the back follow) up from the ground as high as it is possible to grab your legs with your hands.

Bow Pose

Bow Pose has the ability to keep the spine flexible. (Source: Internet)

Keep on this posture as long as you can. This posture could be a good way for you to have a limber and strong back. But if your back is not in good shape, you can skip this for safety.

5. Seated Forward Fold

This is a common pose. Unfortunately, many people do it the wrong way and collect no gain. From a seated position, straight both of your legs.

Seated Forward Fold pose

You can avoid back pain by practicing Seated Forward Fold pose. (Source: Internet)

By bending at the hips, try to reach forward as far as you can. Some people find it hurt the back. So freely bend your knees as needed. The benefits from this pose are huge – the opening of the lower back and relieving from stiffness and pain.

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